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How to Beat Glumstone the Giant Boss in Cuphead

Here’s our complete guide on how to beat Glumstone the Giant boss in Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course DLC.

Cuphead, the game inspired by the 1930’s animation style, caught a lot of attention when it came out. The simple run-and-gun game, made as hard as the Soulborne series, was addicting as you tried to beat all of the bosses in the game. Well, the game is back with a new DLC, The Delicious Last Course. There’s a completely new island with exciting bosses and a lot more challenges! This guide will discuss how you can defeat one of the earlier bosses, Glumstone, The Giant.

Who is Glumstone The Giant?

Glumstone, the Giant, is one of the earlier bosses that you can face off against in the game. As soon as you go past Porkrind’s Emporium and the Climbers on the pedestals, you’ll find a rocky cave entrance that looks like legs that will lead you to the boss fight.

There are three different phases that you must defeat, each with unique attacks. Let’s break down each of them in detail.

Phase 1 of Glumstone, The Giant

How to Beat Glumstone the Giant Boss in Cuphead

The trickiest part of the first phase is the moving platforms and Gnome-filled ground. You’ll be stationed on 5 platforms that go up and down without a pattern, and if you try going on the ground, Gnomes that are hidden and barely visible in the form of spikes will pop up and try to damage you. Therefore, your best option is to stay on the top platforms and if you do end up on the ground, keep running in a line to avoid their pop-up attacks.

The gnomes have two types of attacks. Either they’ll throw gold coins at you or try to climb to your platform and attack you with a hammer. Both of these can be dealt with by shooting the gnome before it can perform its attack.

The other attacks that you need to worry about are the three primary attacks of the Glumstone the Giant. It can open its mouth to emit poisonous clouds in your direction. You need to either dodge them or parry (if they’re pink). 

The other two attacks consist of the Giant bringing down a bear from above, which can be avoided by staying on the right-most platform. And the other attack is where he summons a bunch of geese that fly towards you that can be avoided by crouching or falling to the lower ground. These attacks can be predicted as the boss will show you a sign (bear or geese) before performing the attack. 

Phase 2 of Glumstone, The Giant

How to Beat Glumstone the Giant Boss in Cuphead

The second phase of the boss is relatively simpler as there is only one platform that will be surrounded by two puppets (one on each side). These puppets will throw a ball to each other that will bounce on the ground. The ball can bounce higher or lower depending on the height of the puppets, and it’ll always be aimed in your direction. Therefore, try to stand farther from the puppet with the ball to have enough space to dodge.

Besides the puppets, you’ll also have to worry about gnomes coming out of the ground and walking in your direction. But you can shoot them down fairly easily. Throughout the entire fight, your aim should be towards the puppets, not the Giant. Keep shooting them, and eventually, the phase will end.

Phase 3 of Glumstone, The Giant

How to Beat Glumstone the Giant Boss in Cuphead

The third phase is trickier because now you have 5 platforms to stand on and gastric juice below it, which can damage you. During this phase, your main focus should be shooting the face above you while dodging the small birds, food, and bone projectiles that get thrown at you.

The food projectiles can get eaten by the boney platforms, which will then make the platform disappear. But every now and then, one of the skully platforms will open its mouth to ring a bell – parrying it during this stage will cause all the platforms to return. 

Therefore, to clear the final phase, you need to parry the ringing bell as soon as you see it, avoid all birds, food, and bone projectiles, and aim toward the face on the ceiling!


With that, you know everything about the Glumstone The Giant. The fight can be tricky with the various platforms, but if you know what to expect, the fight can get a lot easier.

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Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course is available to purchase on Steam.