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How to Solve the Cuphead Graveyard Puzzle – The Delicious Last Course

Learn how to solve the Cuphead Graveyard Puzzle in The Delicious Last Course!

Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course is the latest Cuphead DLC and has brought a lot of new content to the game. You can do many new things, from new bosses to the different items that you can purchase. Among those different items is the Broken Relic, which helps you solve a specific puzzle. Therefore, this guide will discuss the Graveyard Puzzle in Cuphead, the Delicious Last Course!

What is the Graveyard Puzzle?

When you reach the Howling Aces region, you can explore and move down towards an island where you’ll spot nine graves. Around these graves will also be an elderly ghost roaming around, and when you interact with the tombstones, you’ll notice ghosts pop out. That is why the graveyard puzzle is referred to as the tombstone or the ghost puzzle.

But essentially, you need to interact with the tombstones in such a pattern that it unlocks a secret portal and a boss fight. But before interacting with the gravestones, you’ll need an item known as the Broken Relic.

How To Get The Broken Relic?

How to Solve the Cuphead Graveyard Puzzle

The Broken Relic is an item/charm that can be purchased from the Porkrind Emporium on the same island as the tombstone. You will only need one coin to purchase it. That coin can be found behind the shop on a secret passage. Additionally, you can get three coins from the paper boy just before the Porkrind shop.

When you have the coins, you can head over to Porkrind and purchase the Broken Relic, allowing you to interact with the Tombstones.

The Climbers

How to Solve the Cuphead Graveyard Puzzle

We know where the tombstones are and have the tool needed to interact with them. But the problem is we don’t know the order or pattern we must use to unlock the secret portal. Well, that’s where the Climbers come in next to Porkrind’s Emporium.

These climbers took part in a climbing competition and stood on pedestals depending on their position. If you talk to them, their dialogue will have instructions hidden in them which will guide you on how you need to interact with the tombstone. These instructions would be directional instructions such as “right” or “left.” They can also be more specific, such as top right or bottom left. 

However, these dialogues can be tricky as one of the climbers might say something like they left downtown in a hurry to get their gear. It’s easy to mistake the word left as the directional clue here. However, when you look at the word ahead of it, you can combine them to see that you get left down, meaning the bottom left tombstone. 

The tricky part about the graveyard puzzle is that each player will have their own directional clues hidden in the dialogues. This is why we cannot simply give you the answers, which would be much simpler. But if you closely examine each clue, you’ll surely find the hidden directions inside them easily.

Note them down alongside the position of the climber who gave the clue, as that will be relevant when solving the puzzle.

Solving the Puzzle

Once you have all the directional clues, head back to the graveyard and start from the middle tombstone. Now you need to interact with the tombstones in the same order as the position of the climbers. So, if the first-place climber said left, you will first interact with the middle-left tombstone. Then you’ll use the clue of the second-place climber and then the third. 

How to Solve the Cuphead Graveyard Puzzle

As you interact with the tombstones, ghosts will begin to pop up. Once you’re done inputting the right sequence, the ghosts will jump out of the screen, and a beam of light will shine down on the middle tombstone. Congratulations! You’ve successfully solved the graveyard puzzle and will now be able to go up against a secret boss. 

With that, you know everything about the graveyard puzzle. It can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re exactly looking for and don’t examine the climber’s dialogues carefully. But hopefully, with our guidance, you’ll solve the puzzle easily! 

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Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course is available to purchase on Steam.