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How to get Claw Machine Tokens in Pet Simulator X

Are you wondering how to get Claw Machine Tokens in Pet Simulator X? Read on to find out!

How to get Claw Machine Tokens in Pet Simulator X

Claw Machine Tokens can be obtained from several different sources in Pet Simulator X. They can be spent at the Claw Machine for a chance to loot either Arcade Cat, Arcade Dog, Arcane Dragon, or Huge Arcade Cat.

Here is a list of the different ways to get Claw Machine tokens:

Summer Event Rewards

Completing quests during the Summer Event in Pet Simulator X will award free Claw Tokens. The reward window can be accessed in the top right corner of the game.

There are many different tiers of rewards, each unlocked by acquiring a certain amount of stars by completing quests.

Daily Free Gifts

The daily free gifts can also contain Claw Tokens. You can get these by simply being logged into the game for a set amount of time.

Vip Gifts

Claw Tokens will be given to VIP players via the VIP Gift. This can be redeemed once per day.

Buying them with Robux

Claw Machine Tokens can also be obtained by purchasing 25 of them in the Pet Simulator X store for 400 Robux.

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