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Pet Simulator X Hardcore Pet Value List

A NEW secret Event pet has been released. Here’s our guide for it: how to get Purple Marshmellow Chick in Pet Simulator X!

This is our complete and up-to-date Pet Simulator X hardcore pet value list. Hardcore mode was added in Update 22, and is a complete reset of the game. Players will start from 0 in this mode and have to progress through the entire game again.

Hardcore (HC) pets used the strongest in the game. However, they were recently nerfed.

Everything in the HC world costs more and takes longer to unlock.

Pet Simulator X Hardcore Pet Value List

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Pet Simulator X Hardcore Pet Value List

Updated: March 2, 2023
Adjusted pet values for Hardcore pets.

This is a value list for hardcore pets in Pet Simulator X. Click on each one for more information about them and their current value.

It should be noted that as more powerful pets are released, the value of the older pets will instantly go down. This is especially true when the newer pets are easy to obtain, such as ones from events.

HC PetNormalGoldenRainbowDark Matter
Valentine's Bear Value
Valentine's Bear
Doodle Agony Value
Doodle Agony
Love Lion
Doodle Monkey Value
Doodle Monkey
Doodle Unicorn Value
Doodle Unicorn
Lucki Dominus Value
Lucki Dominus
Mrs. Claws Value
Mrs. Claws
Snowflake Pegasus Value
Snowflake Pegasus
Lucki Value
Turkey Value
Hedgehog Value

How to unlock hardcore mode in Pet Simulator X?

There are two requirements to unlock hardcore mode:

  • Earn 372 Mastery Points (25%)
  • Unlock the Void world.


And that was our current Pet Simulator X hardcore pet value list. Are you wondering what normal pets are worth in Pet Sim X? Check out our Pet Simulator X value list guide for a comprehensive list of prices for all of the best pets in the game.

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