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Lusamine Pokemon Wiki Guide

Lusamine plays a pivotal role in Pokemon Sun and Moon as the president of the Aether Foundation. She serves as the main antagonist throughout the games’ storyline.

Warning: Pokemon Sun and Moon story spoilers are contained on this page.

Introduction to Lusamine

Lusamine is initially introduced as a kind-hearted woman who cares deeply about protecting Pokemon. However, as the story progresses her true motives are revealed showing her complex and antagonistic nature. Lusamine provides an interesting character arc in the Alola region games.

How old is Lusamine in Pokemon?

It’s estimated that Lusamine is at least 40 years old.

Lusamine’s Backstory

Not much is known about Lusamine’s past except she formed the Aether Foundation alongside her husband Mohn. The foundation’s purpose was to care for injured Pokemon. However, after Mohn mysteriously disappeared, Lusamine became obsessed with discovering Ultra Beasts and finding her husband.

Descent into Villainy

Lusamine’s obsession with Ultra Beasts causes her to lose sight of the Aether Foundation’s original mission. She is revealed to have actively captured Pokemon and subjected them to cruel experiments. Lusamine also tries manipulating her own children, Gladion and Lillie, to further her goals. Her cruel experimentation crosses ethical lines showing her transition into an antagonist.

Confrontations with the Player

As the player progresses, they eventually uncover Lusamine’s true motivations. This leads to dramatic confrontations where Lusamine tries preventing the player from interfering with her plans. The player must battle Lusamine directly at the Aether Foundation headquarters in order to stop her schemes.

Redemption and Change

After being defeated by the player, Lusamine realizes the error of her ways. Her obsession caused her to mistreat Pokemon and her own children. She seeks redemption by disbanding the Aether Foundation’s experiments and trying to reconnect with her family. This provides resolution to her complex antagonistic arc.


Lusamine is one of Pokemon’s most multifaceted antagonists. Her ambitious goals coupled with her cruel experimentation make her compelling yet dangerous. Lusamine’s story arc provides a thought-provoking examination of how far someone will go to achieve their obsessive goals. Her eventual redemption shows that change is possible, even for Pokemon’s most complex characters.