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All Bat Pokemon From Every Generation

Here’s all bat pokemon from every generation. These pokemon can generally be found within many of the caves found in each pokemon world.

All Bat Pokemon

All Bat Pokemon

Usually, when people think of a bat-type pokemon, the first name which appears in their mind is Zubat. It was the very first bat pokemon to appear in the scene with the first 150 Pokemon.

However, there are many other bat-type Pokemons to choose from as well. In this guide, we will look through these options. So without further ado, let’s jump on the bandwagon. 

Zubat – Generation 1

  • HP: 40
  • Speed:    55   
  • Attack:    45
  • Special Attack: 40   
  • Defense: 35   
  • Special Defense: 40   

Zubat is one of the well-known bats in Pokemon Go, with a catch rate of 50%. In appearance, Zubat is a blue chiropteran Pokemon. It does not have any eyes. But does have two sharp teeth on each jaw along with pointed ears on its head. 

Golbat – Generation 1

  • HP: 75
  • Speed:    90   
  • Attack:    80
  • Special Attack: 75   
  • Defense: 70   
  • Special Defense: 75   

Golbat is one of the most intimidating Pokemon around. It evolved from Zulbat and is a large blue bat-like creature. It has dark purple wing membranes which are supported by powerful muscles. These muscles can produce sonic booms. Despite its appearance and size, it has small eyes which have slit pupils. However, they are good nonetheless and can be used to catch any prey at night or in dark areas.

Crobat – Generation 2

  • HP: 85
  • Speed:    130   
  • Attack:    90
  • Special Attack: 70   
  • Defense: 80   
  • Special Defense: 80   

Crobat slithers through the skies by alternating between its upper and lower wings. This helps to fly long distances. Due to its powerful ears and mouth, it can seek its prey from a distance with ease.

Other than that, there are a few unique moves by Crobat. Like “pluck”, which allows it to steal a berry off of its opponent. Also, Crobat can learn “taunt” which is a move that can make any of its opponents distressed. This will lower their defense system. Crobat has access to “super Fang”. By using its fang the opponent will get a hard hit.

Gligar – Generation 2

  • HP: 65
  • Speed:    85   
  • Attack:    75
  • Special Attack: 35   
  • Defense: 105   
  • Special Defense: 65   

Gligar shares some resemblance to a typical bat. Gligar has two large teeth which protrude from its upper jaw. And has an unconcerned look on its face most of the time. It has triangular eyes which have small pupils like the majority of bats have. Gligar has pointy ears and thin legs which are split into spherical sections with claws at their end. Its tail is much like a scorpion stinger. 

Gligar is unique as its ability “Hyper Cutter” gives protection against other Pokemon. Since Gligar has low base attack stats, the Hyper Cutter ability is a handy tool.

Gliscor – Generation 4

  • HP: 75
  • Speed: 95   
  • Attack: 95
  • Special Attack: 45   
  • Defense: 125   
  • Special Defense: 75   

Gliscor evolved from Gligar and has a large pair of blue wings attached to its arms. The stinger is now larger and more detailed appearance. Gliscor uses its tail for digging into the earth to find food. Or sometimes it also uses its tail as a weapon to stun its opponent in the battle. Gliscor doesn’t face any difficulty in terms of weakness which most bat Pokemon have against electric-type Pokemon.

Gliscor has an interesting move that can cause poison damage to its opponent. Also, a temporary speed boost allows it to inflict its opponents which makes the condition easier.

Woobat – Generation 5

  • HP: 55
  • Speed: 72   
  • Attack: 45
  • Special Attack: 55   
  • Defense: 43   
  • Special Defense: 43   

Woobat is a fluffy bat-type Pokemon. Woobat is well known for its heart-shaped nose. Woobat can use its nose as an echolocation device. The device bounces the ultrasonic waves off of objects to make the objects clearer.

Its “Stored Power” allows it to temporarily raise its attack and special attack powers. Which makes Woobat one of the most powerful bat Pokemon. The other two moves Woobat can learn are Swift and Air Cutter. Both of these powers are executed by its nose.

Swoobat – Generation 5

  • HP: 67
  • Speed: 114   
  • Attack: 57
  • Special Attack: 77   
  • Defense: 55   
  • Special Defense: 55   

Swoobat evolved from Woobat. Swoobat is a mature bat pokemon with large wings, small ears, an elegant fur coat, and four fans protruding from its mouth.

“Heat Wave” is one of the unique moves of Swoobat. This move is a mighty fire-type move that causes damage to all non-fire-type pokemon in a battle. With the heat wave moving, Swoobat is one of the fastest Pokemon. From its nose, Swoobat can create ultrasonic waves which can destroy the concrete and shake the ground.

Noibat – Generation 6

  • HP: 40
  • Speed: 55   
  • Attack: 30
  • Special Attack: 45   
  • Defense: 35   
  • Special Defense: 40   

Noibat is the pre-evolved form of Noivern. Noibat, the sound wave pokemon is a pale and dark purple bat. It has a variety of unique moves. Like “Dragon Pulse” and “Air Cutter”. These both powers are very powerful dragon-type moves. And also have a good chance to damage all other dragon-type pokemon in battle.

They have decent speed stats. This makes it a very effective Pokemon for out-speeding its opponent.

Noivern – Generation 6

  • HP: 85   
  • Speed: 123
  • Attack: 70
  • Special Attack: 97   
  • Defense: 80   
  • Special Defense: 80   

Noivern is also known as “Darkness Dragon”. Noivern can produce ultrasonic waves with its two ears. These waves are strong enough to shatter the large boulders. Noivern also has excellent scouting skills which are often used for dark exploration travel. This makes it able to see when there is no light around. Noivern has unique moves like “Draco Meteor” which is Sword and Shield. This move is a very powerful dragon type that can cause damage to all other pokemon in the battle.

Lunala – Generation 7

  • HP: 137
  • Speed: 97   
  • Attack: 113
  • Special Attack: 137   
  • Defense: 89   
  • Special Defense:107   

Lunala is one of the legendary Pokemon. Specific to Ultra Moon which can only be encountered once in the game.

When Cosmo leveled up in Ultra Sun or Moon, Lunala evolved from Cosmoem. Lunala is known as ”The Beast that calls the moon”. 

Lunala is the only one who uses “Moongeist Beam”. This beam is a powerful psychic-type move that replaces the “psychic” when Lunala holds the Bright Powder item. This move deals a lot of damage to all non-psychic type pokemon in battle.


There are many bat-type pokemon out there. Zubat is the most well-known. However, there are many bat pokemon apart from Zubat. Like Crobat, Swoobat, and Lunala. Multiple other bat types of pokemon can be found throughout the Pokemon world. But they tend to be rarer. And Zubat is the most common of its kind.

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