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Rosa Pokemon Wiki Guide

Rosa is a young Pokemon trainer who made her debut in the Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 games. She is a spirited and determined trainer who originally hails from Aspertia City in the Unova region.

Introduction to Rosa

Rosa is one of the main playable characters in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Players can choose to play as either Rosa or Nate at the beginning of the game. Rosa provides a different perspective to the story compared to the previous games. She is an upbeat and enthusiastic Pokemon trainer who is just starting out on her journey.

Rosa’s Background and Personality

Not much is known about Rosa’s background except that she grew up in Aspertia City. She receives her first Pokemon from the Aspertia City gym leader Cheren. Rosa is described as energetic and positive. She loves Pokemon and enjoys battling and exploring. Her cheery personality serves as a motivating force during her adventures.

How old is Rosa in Pokemon?

It’s estimated that Rosa is around 12 years old.

Rosa’s Outfits

One of Rosa’s most distinctive features is her unique sense of style. She wears a white and red sleeveless top with a very short jean miniskirt. She has tall pink boots and a visor cap. Her outfit perfectly matches her spirited personality. Rosa is never seen without her trusty pink bag which carries her Pokemon and supplies.

Rosa’s Pokemon Team

During her journey, Rosa assembles a well-balanced team of Pokemon. Her starter Pokemon is Snivy which eventually evolves into Serperior.

Other notable Pokemon include:

  • Emolga
  • Archen
  • Lucario
  • Zoroark

She prefers using offensive and speedy Pokemon that can overwhelm opponents. Rosa’s ideal battle style involves quick movements and continuous attacks.

Rosa’s Pokemon Challenge

Rosa faces numerous challenges throughout her adventure. Team Plasma has returned as an antagonistic force seeking to liberate Pokemon from trainers. Rosa must help defeat Team Plasma while also conquering the Pokemon League. She battles expert trainers and gym leaders across Unova. Rosa eventually emerges victorious as the new Unova League champion.


Rosa is one of the most memorable Pokemon characters from the Unova region. Her spirit and determination are an inspiration to new trainers everywhere. Rosa proves that you can accomplish anything with hard work, positivity, and a great team of Pokemon by your side. She will continue to be a popular and beloved character among Pokemon fans.