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How to Build a Blacksmith in Minecraft

Blacksmiths are great assets to any town, both for role play purposes and aesthetics. However, building a good looking blacksmith in Minecraft can be a bit tricky. The overall design will mainly depend on which style you’re building in, but pretty much all blacksmiths have a few things in common. The most obvious parts are the furnace, anvil and a water container.

Building these 3 features isn’t too difficult, though they can often look quite odd if you use full blocks or stairs. This also means they’re often too high to use if you’d role play. To solve this I use slabs to cover the whole floor. The will integrate the water container and the lava container (furnace) perfectly and make it accessible to whoever wants to use the lava, both as a role playing item and as a garbage disposal system.

The image above is pretty much the most basic version of our blacksmith. I’ve added some crafting benches on top of wooden planks to mimic a tool rack. Chests and other blocks can also be placed inside, but only on top of full blocks, as they will float if you place them on top of the slab floor. This means there isn’t really any room for chairs or other furniture, unless you make part of the floor at a higher height level (simply use full blocks instead of slabs). I tend to keep the blacksmith buildings and the houses separated, this means I can fill more land with houses and make the town bigger and more impressive looking.

I finish off the furnace by adding an overhanging stone section above the lava, which both acts as part of the chimney outside and as a way to fill up some of the empty space inside. The chimney outside is quite simply a large column of stone with cobwebs at the top to mimic smoke coming out of the chimney.

We’re pretty much done with our blacksmith at this point, all there’s left to do now is finish the builder, but as mentioned, the look of the building will depend on the style you’re building in, which you’ll have to decide for yourself. You can, however, check out some of our building style how to’s.

I use slabs and upside down slabs to create the windows, which doesn’t allow me to use glass, but it does put the windows on the right height for whoever is inside the building.

Other furnace types

You might not always want to use slabs or perhaps you simply don’t like them, so I’ve created some other furnaces which you might like or hopefully inspire you to design your own.

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