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Minecraft Boats

Dec value: 333
Hex value: 14D
Maximum stack 1

Boats are the fastest way to travel across water. They float and glide easily with the currents, though a player is also able to control it. By right clicking a boat the player will enter or exit the boat. Once the player is in the boat, the boat can be controlled by using the same movement controls as you use to walk.

Boats are extremely fragile, any block in its way will almost always destroy the boat when it travels at higher speeds. This is both an advantage and disadvantage. It’s extremely annoying when you’re trying to explore the world, but it offers a great way to keep players away from your islands.

Boats are crafted using 5 wooden planks, though when they break they’ll turn into 3 planks and 2 sticks. Boats can be placed both in water and on land. They can also be controlled while on land, though they go extremely slow, even too slow to be used in mini games. When boats are placed on fallen snow, moving them across the snow will cause the snow to disappear.

Boats are controlled using the normal movement keys, but they will always face to where the player is looking. This can be frustrating at times when you want to simply look around, as the boat will turn and so will your view. Boats can go at a maximum speed of about 6 blocks per second through normal acceleration, though this speed can be faster when they fall or go down water currents.

It’s possible to go through 1 block holes, though the player will take suffocation damage. This can be a useful way to hide the entrance to your base however. Boats can also go through the openings of doors and fence gates, which are often used as a type of flood gate.

If a boat runs into a block, player or mob at low speeds, the boat will simply bounce of and change direction. If it runs into anything at higher speeds the boat will break. This is very frustrating in swamp biomes due to the high amount of lily pads which are often hard to see. To avoid this, sneaking while in a boat will limit your speed to a safe pace which will not break your boat when you run into anything.

Boats are a cheap alternative to minecart systems, as a boat only requires 5 planks and a minimum of 3 iron ingots to make a bucket, which allows you to make water ways.

It’s fairly easy to create a large water system in your town. Simply digging canals and other water ways will give anybody quick or alternative access paths to buildings, harbors and other structures. Pistons are a great way to limit access to certain areas and to act as flood gates. Limiting the flow of water where roads and water meet will allow you to temporarily prevent either people walking or people in boats from continuing on this crossroad. By attaching a redstone clock to this system you’ll have a fully functioning, automatic infrastructure in your town.

Crafting Recipes