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Minecraft Glass

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Dec value: 20
Hex value: 14
Minimum tool requirement to break: None
Blast resistance: 1.5
Maximum stack 64
Transparency: Yes

Glass is a transparent, decorational block. Glass allows light to shine through, which makes it useful as windows, greenhouses and various decorational purposes, like safe lava flows. Glass is crafted by smelting sand in a furnace, it cannot be found naturally in game. It’s impossible to harvest glass blocks, unless you use a tool with the silk touch enchantment.

Because glass is transparent, many blocks cannot be placed on it, like levers and torches, but glass does allow a power current to pass through it. This includes power currents going down, even if the corner of the glass is touching the corner of the block with redstone.


Glass is mainly used to create glass panes and glass bottles and as a decorational block, but glass can be used in many other ways. Monsters are unable to see through glass, making glass a perfect block to spy on your surroundings. However, some monsters, like spiders and ghasts, can see you through walls, though the glass will still keep you safe from their attacks.

Glass can be pushed by pistons, which can be used to create automatic glass doors. Because glass allows light to shine through, many players use glass to create greenhouses for their crops. Glass can also be used to create a safe enclosure for your animals. It’s a cheaper and sometimes better looking alternative to fences.

The transparency of glass is often used as a trap. It’s easy to miss gaps in a glass floor, especially if lava is flowing under it.
This can be used to create a deadly minefield. In dark rooms, this trick works the same when water is flowing under it. But although this could be used as drowning traps, most multiplayer servers have the /spawn command enabled, allowing players to simply teleport out.

Crafting Recipes

Guide Contents

Guide Contents