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Minecraft Brown Mushroom Wiki Guide 2022 (August)

Guide Contents

Dec value: 99
Hex value: 63
Minimum tool requirement to break: None
Blast resistance: 1
Maximum stack 64
Transparency: No

Minecraft Brown Mushroom

Minecraft Brown Mushroom grow in caves, swamp biomes, the Nether and can sometimes be found in other shady areas. The brown mushroom is often easier to find than red mushrooms, but both can be quite hard to obtain without farming them. Red mushrooms are more common in mushroom biomes, but these biomes are rare and hard to find.

Mushrooms will spread if the light level is below 13, but spread faster below light level 6. The exception is when they grow in mycelium, on which they grow under any light condition. The light level used to determine how fast the mushroom spreads is the light level of the existing mushroom. So a mushroom in light level 10 will spread to a block in light level 6, at the speed of light level 10 growth.
There is no difference between the speed of growth of red and brown mushrooms.

Mushrooms can be harvested by simply hitting them, there are no specialized tools for this job, but using water or increasing the light level can help speed up the time in which large quantities can be harvested. Mushrooms can only be planted in light levels under 13, except on mycelium, on which they can always be planted. They require no farmland nor hydration, just enough room to spread around.

Using bonemeal on a brown mushroom will create a brown huge mushroom. These can be harvested and will drop more brown mushrooms, allowing for a very fast way to farm huge quantities in a very short time. These giant mushrooms are often used as a quick house, especially the red giant mushroom, as it has a hollow shape, while the brown huge mushroom is mainly flat on the top.