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Minecraft Mushroom Stew

Dec value: 282
Hex value: 11A Hunger restoration: 4 hunger bar slots
Hunger saturation: 9.6
Maximum stack 64

Mushroom stew is created by combining a red mushroom, a brown mushroom and a bowl in any crafting interface. This means you can also craft mushroom stew in your inventory’s crafting interface while you’re traveling. Mushroom stew can also be obtained by right clicking a mooshroom while holding a bowl.

Mushroom stews restore 4 hunger bar slots and 9.6 hunger saturation, making it the second best food item after steak and cooked porkchops.
The bowl will not be destroyed when you eat the stew, so you can make an infinite amount of stews with just 1 bowl.

Mushroom stew has to great advantage of being able to be made on the spot without the need of a furnace or crafting table. However, mushroom stew does not stack, though the ingredients do. So it’s advised to only make 2 or 3 stews at a time to save inventory space.

Farming Mushrooms

Mushrooms can easily be farmed. The easiest method is to simply use bonemeal on either mushroom in order to grow a huge mushroom. Breaking the huge mushroom will result in a good amount of mushrooms of the same type. It’s also possible to plant mushrooms, which will spread over time. This method is a lot slower than growing huge mushrooms, as mushrooms require certain conditions to spread and it cannot be sped up.

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