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Elden Ring: How To Get Mushroom Armor Set & Locations

Mushroom Set is a unique looking armor that boosts your character’s resistances. Here’s our Elden Ring: how to get Mushroom Armor set & locations guide.

Elden Ring allows you to choose from various unique armor sets suited for different builds and playstyles. Each armor set comes with different pros and cons. You can also mix and match different pieces of armors to get the best of both worlds. Armor sets are not only for fashion, but they also provide a huge advantage in tough fights.

One of the most unique-looking armor sets in Elden Ring is the Mushroom Armor set. As the name suggests, your character will be completely covered in mushrooms and fungus, when you equip the full armor set. Mushroom Crown has a unique skill, where it will significantly boost your damage attack power when something nearby suffers from poison or rot.

Elden Ring: How To Get Mushroom Armor Set & Locations

To get the Mushroom Armor Sat, you will need to travel to two different locations. The Mushroom Crown is located in Lake of Rot, and the rest of the Mushroom Set can be found in the Seethewater Cave.

  1. Mushroom Crown Location
  2. Mushroom Armor Set Location

Why Do Players Need To Get The Mushroom Armor Set?

There are many status effects, when applied can deal a lot of damage. The same goes for your character as the enemies can also apply different status effects. Mushroom armor set has the highest immunity in the game for every slot. It boosts Immunity, Focus, and Vitality Resistances. 

The Mushroom Crown also has a unique skill, when equipped if anything suffers from poison or rot nearby it will raise your attack power. The effects remain even if you remove the headpiece, so you can use it to buff your attacks and switch back to your main armor before taking on a tough enemy.

How To Get The Mushroom Armor Set?

To obtain the full set, you will have to travel to two different locations. Here’s how you can get this set as soon as possible.

Mushroom Crown Location

The Mushroom Crown is the only piece of the set that is present in a different location from the whole set. In order to get Mushroom Crown, you will have to travel to Lake of Rot. This area can only be accessed if you have progressed in the Ranni’s questline to the point where you can enter Renna’s Rise in the Three Sisters sub-region near Ranni’s Rise.

If you have access to Renna’ Rise, head to the top of the tower and use the portal to teleport to Ansil River Main. Keep on moving forward, and eventually, you will reach Lake of Rot.

It is advised to bring a weapon with the Quick Step or Bloodhound Step Ash of War. Lake of Rot is filled with Scarlet Rot and has almost no ground. To effectively traverse the Lake, you will need to use the weapon skills. You should also bring consumables to cure Scarlet Rot status effect.

The Mushroom Crown is located at the southeastern corner of the Lake of Rot area. On a corpse latching onto an uprisen pillar. From the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace proceed southeast. After reaching the southeastern corner, make your way on top of the ruins and carefully jump on the pillar to loot the Mushroom Crown from the corpse.

Mushroom Armor Set Location

To get the rest of the set, you will have to travel to Seethewater Cave located at Mt. Gelmir in the Altus Plateau region. You can get access to this region by using the Grand Lift of Dectus. Follow the highlighted path to reach the Seethewater Cave from Altus Plateau Site of Grace.

You will need two Stonesword keys to enter the cave. Activate the Site of Grace in the cave and make your way down the ledge into the tunnel until you have reached poisonous ground.  Head out from the tunnel and into the main area, going southwest. You will encounter mushroom enemies who will try to grab you. Kill the enemies and keep on moving.

Continue along this path to the southwest, and you will find the cavern crawling with rats. Follow the right wall of the cave, and you will enter a room with a Giant Miranda Sprout. The Mushroom Armor set is behind the Giant Miranda Sprout. Kill all the enemies in here and pick up the rest of the Mushroom Set.

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