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Minecraft Enderman

The enderman, perhaps the most feared mob in minecraft since its release. With it’s ability to teleport far away from the player and teleporting back in the blink of an eye, together with their strong attack and high health, the enderman is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Killing an endermen will make it drop 0-1 ender pearl and experience orbs worth a total of 5 experience points.

Occurence and Behavior

Endermen usually spawn in groups of about 3, though it’s possible to find groups of 5. In the End, endermen will spawn more frequently as this is their home.

Endermen start out neutral, gently walking around minding their own business. They will remain neutral untill the player looks directly at its face. This can be done from as far as 64 blocks away from the endermen, meaning that even if the both of you are standing on 2 giant mountains with a huge cliff seperating them, looking at an enderman will still provoke it to attack you and it’ll teleport towards you.

When a player looks at an enderman, the enderman will first freeze in place and start to scream. It’s mouth will be open and the enderman shakes heavily. After a few seconds or when the enderman is attacked, it’ll teleport. Wearing a pumpkin on your head will prevent endermen from becoming hostile when you look at them, but won’t stop them from attacking you after they’ve become hostile.

The enderman can teleport to many different places, varying greatly in distance. When it teleports, the enderman leaves a faint trail of purple particles, which can be used to tell where it went. But the enderman is capable of teleporting vast distances, which can make it difficult to find it before it teleports again.

It will eventually teleport towards the player again and attack it. The enderman will often teleport next to, or behind the player, which can catch a player off guard. The enderman will continue its attack of teleporting back and forth untill either the player or the enderman is dead.
Running is not an option, the enderman will follow the player untill it loses focus due to another source, like another mob or water.

Endermen will take damage when they come in contact with water, this includes rain. They will teleport away, though they don’t always end up out of the water or rain. Fire doesn’t make them teleport, neither does lava.

Endermen are immune to any projectile based weapons (eggs, arrows, snowballs), they will simply teleport away before impact. Shooting it before it turns hostile won’t cause it to become hostile, unless you aim directly for their heads of course. So if you simply want it to go away, shoot something at their legs and it’ll teleport away.

The other ability of endermen is the ability to pick up blocks. Endermen will pick up several types of blocks and place them down again, almost always in a different spot. This means they’re capable of messing up your structures. If you kill the enderman, it won’t drop the block it’s holding.

Lighting up your buildings and the area around it will prevent endermen from spawning there, but they may still teleport in when it rains or simply walk in, so your buildings are rarely safe.