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How to Build a Fighter Jet in Minecraft

I designed this fighter jet for a building competition I entered with some other people. We built an alien invasion themed build and we made it to the top 10 out of 170 teams. We needed several alien ships and a few military vehicles to protect our town. Instructions on how to build some of those vehicles, like one of the UFO’s and a tank, can also be found on this site.

I personally really like this fighter jet as it’s very compact, but without losing the important details. It’s perhaps a little too small when you compare it to the size of a player, but I think it works quite well.

The full instructions are pretty much all covered in the image below, you can click on it for a large version. I’ve tried to cover everything as much as possible, without using too many steps. If you feel the instructions aren’t clear enough, feel free to ask for more details on the forums.

I’ve also created an extended version, which is 1 block longer than the original. I created this version because I now find the original to be a little too short, which makes it look a bit bad and odd, more like a weird stealth bomber than a fighter jet.

miencraft fighter jet instructions