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How to Build Furniture in Minecraft

Furniture is quite easy to create and I’m sure most of you know about the tricks with stairs and signs. But for those who don’t, and for some other nice furniture ideas, Ive written this guide to help and inspire anybody looking for a new decor for their house.


Chairs are very easy to create and require nothing more than a few signs and either a stairs block or a slab. However, whether you use a slab or a stair will impact the type of chair you create.

As you can see in the images above, I’ve created 3 different chairs, which I all consider as a different type of chair. The chairs with the stairs feel more like an office chair or chairs for a dining table, while the slab chair feels more like a lounge chair.

The only difference between the 2 stairs chairs, is the sign on the back. However, this does effect how the chair looks. The one without the sign looks more like a straight chair, like a school chair or wooden dining room chair. The chair with the sign on the book looks more comfortable and relaxing, perhaps like a chair for a study desk.


As you can see in the images, I’ve created the same 2 sofas 3 times, each time with a different backside. As with the chairs, the backside of the sofas determine how they look and how they can be used, though I generally only use the one with a wall as its back and the one with signs if no wall is available.

The sofas with stairs as their backs often only look good when viewed from the front, all other sides often make it look a bit fat and weird, though it does work in some rooms of bigger houses, like mansions.


Beds can look quite plain on their own, so I usually add some details, like painting, chests or other blocks to try to incorporate the bed in the room. Some rooms also look better with four-poster bed or other decoration structures.

Some rooms don’t look good with a normal bed at all, so I (and many other people) often create a bed with 6 pieces of wool surrounded by signs. This could then be decorated further by adding similar structures and decorations like the before mentioned beds.


I found this design on the internet once and I’ve used it a couple of time since, mainly in my mansions. The design is simple, yet very effective and it works great as a decoration piece in any room. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the original design (and designer) again.

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