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Mediterranean Building Style in Minecraft

Mediterranean houses are often white or sand coloured with red or orange roofs. These roofs are often flat or slightly angled. The buildings are often have multiple levels, though the rooms are often smaller than that of other modern building styles. The houses often have smaller windows which can be covered with wooden window shutters, though some buildings will stick to large, wall long windows. The windows often have a window grill attached, which functions both as protection and as a decorational element of the house.

The houses often have small detailed decorations, especially around the doors. Small balconies are very common.

Gardens in smaller houses are often very small with a few tropical trees or flowers like palms, tropical flowers and (small) cacti.

Larger houses often have large pilars at the front of the house, usually only at the front door though sometimes it’s spread across the front, especially when there’s a balcony at the front part of the house. Larger houses will usually have outdoor pools and large gardens with lush grass and tropical plants and flowers.

The villages and towns are often quite compact with many small streets, though there’s usually at least one open plaza for markets. The most romantic towns are next to rivers or lakes and look beautiful at night.

If you use an iron door to make sure the player can’t go back, make sure you place the door from the inside, so the player cannot hide in the small gap created by doors. Also make sure the player cannot reach the dispensers or else the player will be able to simply take out the arrows.

Mediterranean Style in Minecraft

The mediterranean building style is quite easy to translate into minecraft. The roofs are made using brick stairs and the houses are made out of sand and sandstone blocks. The windows are best made out of glass panes instead of glass blocks.

The streets are also best made out of a combination of sand and sandstone, though patches of dirt could also be added.

mediterranean house image

Restaurants often have a tables both inside and outside the building. Those outside are often placed in the shade, but with a great view on the village, perhaps on the lake or river next to it. This can easily be created in minecraft by building your restaurants around a plaza or on top of a hill, overlooking the rest of the village.

Mediterranean churches are often small and minimalistic. They’re also best made out of sandstone, though additional blocks can be used to make it stand out more. The main part is usually rectangular with either a round tower on top or a rectangular tower on the side. They’re usually build higher than the rest of the village to make them stand out more.

mediterranean house image

Plants and Other Flora

I tend to limit the plants I use in villages that are suposed to be in dry areas, though villages next to a lake or river can have lush gardens and vines growing from buildings.

The dry areas tend to only get a few cacti and/or palm trees, though I sometimes place a few dark leaf blocks next to each other to mimic a dry bush.
Building your village in a desert biome will help a lot, as everything will look dry or dead due to the biome colour shaders.

If a village is next to a water body, the amount of plants and trees I build are greatly increased. I make the palm trees a little taller, with more and bigger leaves, and I tend to leave out cacti. Leaf blocks make for great vines-like plants, which can be placed in a spiral-like fashion around towers and bridges, or even houses. I also use the normal minecraft vines, though usually only on bridges and other structures hanging above water.

I usually build a small to medium sized village garden, often with a small pond and plenty of flowers.

The only tree, besides palm trees, I use are willows, though very rarely. I find they add a certain romantic feel to the river banks and are perfect to make a restaurant stand out.

Other Yips, Yricks and Recommendations

Wells are quite common in smaller villages, whether they work or not doesn’t matter. They can easily be created in minecraft, either by copying the desert wells or by designing your own version.

Try not to build your village on a flat piece of land, but rather build it against a mountain or on and around a hill. This change in height will add depth to your village, which makes it look more realistic and potentially more romantic.

Try to build your town around a river or lake, it will look amazing at night when you limit the amount of lighting you use. However, villages high up in mountains will also look great, especially with a nice water system flowing through the village and down the mountain.