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Minecraft Shears

Dec value: 359
Hex value: 167
Durability: 238 uses
Maximum stack 1

Shears are great for harvesting certain blocks which could otherwise not be obtained. They are used to shear sheep, which will drop 1-3 wool blocks instead of just 1 from being killed. Blocks of wool are also broken faster with shears, so getting rid of a wool floor is best done with shears.

Shears are also used to get plants without breaking them. Vines, ferns, dead bushes, tall grass and all leaf blocks can be harvested using shears, which can then be placed down again by the player.

Cobwebs can also be destroyed easily with shears, though swords work just as good. Note that cobwebs will always drop string, it’s not possible to get cobwebs without using creative mode or mods.

Mooshrooms can also be sheared, they’ll drop red mushrooms and change into a normal cow.

Shears are created using 2 iron ingots, so they’re often available quite early in game. A pair of shears can be used 238 times before it breaks, which is a little less than other tools made out of iron.

Repairing Shears

It’s possible to combine two damaged pair of shears in any crafting interface, which will create a new pair of shears of the same type with the durability of the old ones added together, plus 10%.

Crafting Recipes