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How to Build a Watermill in Minecraft

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I love watermills, they make any village next to a river look better and friendly, without requiring a lot of work.

Watermills are very easy to build, as they only tricky part is the wheel, which isn’t too difficult. The structure itself can be anything, as watermills come in pretty much any shape or size.

I’ve created 3 different designs for this guide, though I personally only use design 1 on smaller builds and design 3 on bigger builds.

These wheels can also look great on old steamboats, especially on old riverboats.

Design 1

This design takes advantage of the way stairs look when placed next to each other. It looks quite good, though there are always a few parts which can look odd, especially from some angles, due to the alignment of 2 stairs placed diagonally of each other. But part of the wheel will be underwater, so it’s often not much of an issue.

This design is the one I use most, as it doesn’t take up a lot of space but adds a nice touch to any village next to a river.

minecraft watermill image
minecraft watermill image

Design 2

In this design I’ve used planks instead of stairs, as they allowed me to create a more consistent round shape, without the odd spots you get when you use stairs. However, I’m personally not much of a fan of this design, as it doesn’t really look like something that could be affected by water that much, as it doesn’t have the seperate compartments a real watermill wheel does.

minecraft watermill image

Design 3

This design is pretty much a combination of the previous 2 designs. I first created the first design and then added the second design on each side. This made the wheel look a lot more rounded, while still giving me those water compartments I was looking for.

However, due to its size I don’t use this very often, it won’t look very well on smaller rivers, though it looks great on bigger rivers or on bigger structures.

minecraft watermill image
minecraft watermill image