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Minecrafrt Snow Golems

Snow golems or snowmen, are player-created mobs, which are made by stacking 2 snow blocks and placing a pumpkin on top if it. The pumpkin has to be placed last for it to work. A jack-o-lanter also works, but this doesn’t change the appearance of the golem. They cannot be created using pistons, as pumpkins cannot be pushed by them.

Because snow golems can be created, they won’t drop any experience orbs when they’re killed, they do drop 0-15 snowballs however.

Occurence and Behavior

When a snow golem ‘walks’, it leaves a snow trail behind them, except in desert, swamp, plains and jungle biomes and in the Nether. This makes the snow golem the perfect way to farm large amounts of snow. The best way to do this is by trapping the golem in a 1×1 hole and simply digging the snow away from under its ‘feet’. It’ll then drop new snow, giving you an infinite amount of snow.

Snow golems will die quickly when they’re inside a desert or jungle biome or inside the Nether. They will also die while it rains or when they’re in the water. They avoid lava and cliffs and, when set on fire, will run to a water source to save themselves.

Snow golems will attack any hostile mob by throwing snowballs at it (up to 10 blocks away). Though they don’t do any damage, except against blazes and against the Ender dragon. The hostile mobs will proceed to attack and kill the snow golem if they get the chance.
Snow golems are capable of opening (trap)doors and will do so to get to a hostile mob. They never attack wolves, ghasts, slimes, magma cubes or the Ender dragon, even if they’re hostile.

Despite their lack of dealing any damage, snow golems can be used to defend your house. The snowballs have a small knockback, which could keep monsters away from your house. 4 snow golems are enough to prevent a zombie from moving any further towards you or the golems. Snow golems can also be used to push or lure mobs into traps, which makes it easier to farm the materials dropped by hostile mobs. In large quantities, snow golems will also push back hostile mobs, serving as an emergency defence when a player needs to get away quickly. Snow golems can also be placed inside minecarts, making them a great way to lure monsters along a trail.