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Mythic Heroes Halloween Carnival Event Guide

Gain rich rewards by participating in various Halloween activites during this event!

Mythic Heroes Halloween Carnival Event Guide

Ways to play: Check-in daily to claim rewards, enter the Masquerade Ball to challenge Hades and Persephone, plant pumpkins at the Pumpkin Farm to win the pumpkin contest, and collect candies to exchange for rewards!

After the event ends, you will have 3 days to exchange any remaining Halloween rewards! Please redeem them before this time expires.

After completing the Harvest Festival, you will receive Fashion Vouchers. Go to the Fashion Store to redeem them for your favorite Hero skin.

Hidden Reward Pumpkins

There are 3 pumpkins in the background that give rewards if you tap on them enough times.

The first 2 are on the Halloween Carnival event background. The rewards are 8 Magic Wands from the scarecrow, and 1 Rainbow Candy from the bottom one. Plus some diamonds.

The 2nd one is on the Kingdom background. The rewards are 4 Magic Wands and Pumpkin Coins.

Note: the rewards could be random. Untested.

How Many Pumpkin Coins Can You Get?

TL;DR: You can get around 5870 coins and can grow around 68 pumpkins if you do everything for every day of the event. This is enough to buy UR hero and some extras. However, it isn’t enough to buy a skin as you need to grow 70 pumpkins.

  • 120 wands from daily login (10 per day for 12 days) – 1200 coins
  • 304 wands from daily quests (19 per days for 16 days) – 3040 coins
  • 8 wands from clicking – 80 coins
  • 32 wands from free packs in the store (2 per days for 16 days) – 320 coins
  • 46 wands from the milestone pumpkin rewards (up to 55 pumpkins) – 460 coins

510 wands in total – 510/8=63.75 pumpkins

(You will need to buy 4 packs of $2 event deals if you want to get to 70 pumpkins. Each pack give 15 wands = 150 coins)

1200+3040+80+320+460 = 5100 coins

+You also get 250 coins on the 12th day for login

  • Depending on your ranking of the pumpkin you can get 20-160 coins per day for 16 days => minimum 320 coins ~ maximum 2560 coins
  • Around 200 coins from clicking

5100+250+320+200= 5870 coins in total.

Credit: Oberon (pipilup#6176 on Discord)

Pumpkin Market

Mythic Heroes Halloween Carnival Event Guide

The lively Pumpkin Market is filled with dazzling goods. Pumpkin Coins are used to buy items in this market. In addition to planting pumpkins and harvesting them for Pumpkin Coins, there are Daily Quests, event check-in bonuses, and new Packs at the Store to help you obtain more Pumpkin Coins.

Items For Sale

Here’s the full list of items for sale, and their prices.

Best Thing to Buy?

It really depends on which heroes you currently have and what you want to focus on. Lucifer is one of the best heroes in the game, and UR copies are harder to obtain. This makes buying him with coins a pretty solid choice.

Cube Fragments are always valuable to buy as well.

Pumpkin Farm

Obtain Magic Wands through Daily Quests, event check-ins, and Store Packs.

Mythic Heroes Halloween Carnival Event Guide

Use Magic Wands to grow pumpkins of random weights. The largest ones may win the Pumpkin Contest to earn Pumpkin Coins, which can be exchanged for items at the Pumpkin Market. Also, the more pumpkins you harvest, the more rewards you earn at the Harvest Festival.


Once upon a time, there was a clever drunkard named Jack who played tricks on Hades. After Jack died, his soul came to the underworld, but Hades refused to let him enter the afterlife.

However, the Underworld Queen, Persephone, was very sympathetic to Jack and gave him a magical seed. . . Jack used it to grow the largest magic pumpkin ever and wore it on his head to the Masquerade Ball. Hades laughed when he saw Jack’s peculiar costume, and finally forgave him, permitting Jack to enter the afterlife.

Harvest Festival

If you reach the allocated number of pumpkins harvested at the Pumpkin Farm, you will receive more rewards!

Mythic Heroes Halloween Carnival Event Guide

A good harvest is a blessing; don’t forget that courage and hardwork are also the soil for the growth of a successful Summoner!

Go on! We look forward to see your success!

Pumpkin Contest

During the Halloween event, every Summoner can participate in the grand Pumpkin Contest by submitting their own magic pumpkins. This contest isn’t simply for bragging rights; the winner will gain valuable rewards!

The Daily Ranking is based on the heaviest pumpkin harvested that day.

Mythic Heroes Halloween Carnival Event Guide

The Overall Ranking is based on the heaviest pumpkin harvested throughout the event.

When the Pumpkin Farm closes, the rankings will no longer be updated, but you can continue to view them.

The daily pumpkin contest rewards will be distributed through the mail the subsequent day. The overall pumpkin rewards will be distributed by mail after the event ends.

Candy Kiosk

After a Gift Box is filled with a full set of candy, you will receive a reward. The same candy set can be redeemed multiple times.

Mythic Heroes Halloween Carnival Event Guide

Candies are obtained from the Halloween daily check- in, Daily Quests, Pumpkin Market, and Masquerade Ball challenges.

At the Pumpkin Market, you can buy Rainbow Candies or an Assorted Candy Gift Box to help fill the Gift Boxes.

After enough candy boxes are collected, you will receive Hecate’s Halloween costume.

Masquerade Ball

Every day during the event, you can challenge either Hades or Persephone at the Masquerade Ball. Hades and Persephone alternate their days and can only be challenged once per day.

Mythic Heroes Halloween Carnival Event Guide

The rewards given are based on the damage dealt by the player’s team. The higher the damage total, the more rewards you will receive.

Boss Skills

These are the skills that Hades has.

Hell Hound
Hades summons a Hellhound that mirrors 50% of Hades’ max Health and absorbs 45% of the damage taken by Hades.

Shadow Shield
Hades casts a shadow shield on himself, absorbing damage equal to 175% of his Attack.

Life Tap
Hades deals damage equal to 1.3% of opponent’s max Health every 2s to all enemies.

Death Scythe
Hades summons the Death Scythe to target the enemy with the lowest Health percentage, marking the target for 3s and dealing 100% damage per second. If the marked target’s Health drops below 30% during this period, they will be killed.


Rainbow Candy
Can substitute for any candy in the Gift Boxes at the Candy Kiosk.

Random Halloween Candy
Can be traded for a random candy.


The Gates of Hell are opened annually during the Halloween season. All the monsters and ghosts will leave the underworld and come to the world. Hades and Persephone then hold a grand Masquerade Ball, and all the invited people dress up to participate. However, if you want to receive candy from the party, you must also accept the royal couple’s challenge.

Event Lore

Halloween Town is a city built by little monsters, but it is only visable during Halloween events. Here, these monsters live peacefully with one another, and when night falls, they hold a variety of exciting activities such as pumpkin growing contests and a Masquerade Ball! Every day during this event, you can recieve Halloween candy, and you can redeem them for all kinds of gifts in the Candy Kiosk.

As Mythic Heroes is growing by the day, I highly recommend that you follow the official community channels to keep up to date with the latest game news and information. They will be the first place you’ll find new gift codes, events, and heroes!

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