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Mythic Heroes Joan of Arc Wiki Guide 2022 (August)

At 17, Joan gained significant military power due to her extraordinary talent for war. At the same time, the kind- hearted and devout warrior was known to house the homeless and feed the hungry.

Joan is a buffer/control support that acts quickly to take control of the flow of the fight before the enemy does. Her skills allow her to make sure that the enemies she targets won’t be able to act early on and fail to display their skills, impairing the enemy team for a while. It is a support that should be used in teams that seek quick results instead of dragging the fight.


Her weapon allows her ultimate to convert up to 30% of damage taken into Health recovered for the protected ally and she also protects herself. Her weapon’s stats are biased towards Health and Defense while forsaking Crit.


Her kit is made of active skills only. Her first active consists of an unstoppable charge at the beginning of the battle dealing up to 300% damage and stunning a target for up to 2.5s. Her second active hits targets in an arc for up to 200% damage and knocking them down for up to 2s, recovering up to 15% of her max Health for every enemy hit. Her last active thrusts a banner into the ground for up to 10s and increases nearby allies’ Attack by up to 20%. Her ultimate allows her to generate a shield for an ally with the lowest Health to protect them from any damage or control for up to 7s.


Joan was originally a poor girl from the countryside. She looked somewhat plain, but she was very kind-hearted. She would provide her bed to the homeless and give her food to those who could not afford to eat. When she was 13 years old though, Joan was contacted by angels, asking her to assist the current prince to gain the throne and to expel foreign soldiers from her country. Joan was a devout believer and tried every means to realize what she was asked to do. Finally, when she was 17 years old, she obtained military power and demonstrated extraordinary talent in war. She won many battles and succeeded in driving the enemy back many times. At the same time, the kind-hearted Joan forbade the killing of prisoners of war, and even blessed the enemy soldiers who were about to die. With her help, eventually, the prince successfully claimed the vacant throne of her country.

However, shortly after, Joan was unfortunately captured in battle. She urgently needed the king to spend a large ransom to free her. But, perhaps it was because he no longer needed her, he refused to help Joan, and she was sentenced to death by fire. The raging fire burned up Joan’s body, and her soul went to sleep in the Hall of Valor, waiting to be enlisted in the final battle.

When the Astrolabe of Truth first resurrected Joan, she inspired and united the Guardians long ago. She led them to victory over the demons when the Void portal was activated but not fully opened many years ago. Joan held back the demon troops that were trying to get through the Greek continent to attack the Sanctuary. Then, she took a huge battleship called the “Mandjet” to surround and destroy the Demon Arks that were planning to attack the Luminarchs. The world and humanity were very fortunate to have a self-less protector like Joan.

Weapon Skills

Fleur-de-Lys Lance

Heroes protected by “Deus le Volt” convert 10% of the blocked damage into Health recovered.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 100

Convert 20% of damage taken into Health recovered.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 200

Convert 30% of damage taken into Health recovered.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 300

Increases the number of allies protected by “Deus le Volt” to 2 (with the lowest Health).
Unlock when Attributes reach: 400


  • Class: Support
  • Faction: Guardian
  • Rarity: SSR
  • Role: Buffer / Crowd Control
  • Artifacts: Yasakani, Excalibur, Hammer, Shield
  • Runes: Earth, Air, Forest
  • Recommended Combo: Shield + Earth

Hero Skills

Deus le Volt

Joan of Arc summons a shield of light on the ally Hero with the lowest Health and protects them from any enemy damage for 5s.

Lv.2: Additionally, the target is immune to control.
Lv.3: Lasts for 6s.
Lv.4: Lasts for 7s.

Victorious Sprint

At the beginning of the battle, Joan of Arc charges toward an enemy target, dealing 250% damage to them. She then knocks back and stuns them for 2s. Joan cannot be targeted during her initial charge.

Lv.2: Deals 275% damage.
Lv.3: Stuns the enemies for 2.5s.
Lv.4: Deals 300% damage.

Sweeping Charge

Joan of Arc swipes with the banner, dealing 150% damage to enemies in front of her and knocking them down for 1.5s. For every enemy hit, Joan recovers 10% of max Health.

Lv.2: Deals 200% damage.
Lv.3: For every enemy hit, Joan recovers 15% of max Health.
Lv.4: Knocks the enemy down for 2s.

Banner of Honor

Joan of Arc thrusts the banner into the soil for 8s and increases the Attack of nearby allies by 15% for the duration.

Lv.2: Increases the Attack of nearby allies by 17.5%.
Lv.3: Increases the duration to 10s.
Lv.4: Increases the Attack of nearby allies by 20%.

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