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How to Get Candy in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Arm Wrestle Simulator has recently introduced a new special currency called Candy, which is essential for purchasing Halloween themed pets and other items. With the limited-time event underway, players are eager to know how to accumulate this currency.

In this guide we’ll explain how to get candy in Arm Wrestle Simulator from the new in-game Halloween event for 2023.

How to Get Candy in Arm Wrestle Simulator

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How to Get Candy in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Arm Wrestle Simulator provides various methods to earn Candy, the special currency used to purchase exclusive Halloween-themed items. Players can engage in the following activities to accumulate Candy:

Spooky Quests

These tasks are presented with different levels of difficulty and must be completed within a time frame of one hour. Once the hour lapses, the quests reset, providing new opportunities to earn more Candy. Spooky Quests offer an engaging way for players to collect this special currency.

You’ll need to head to the Halloween world to see what the current active Spooky Quests are.

Pumpkin Smashing

When entering the new Halloween world, players will come across pumpkins that spawn at random locations. These pumpkins can be “attacked” to yield Candy. They each have a different amount of HP, and some reward more Candy than others.

Engaging with NPCs

As players explore the game world, they may come across non-player characters (NPCs) that randomly appear in different locations. When a player encounters one of these NPCs, they have the option to engage them in combat. Defeating an NPC earns the player either Candy or other random loot as a reward.

Fighting Bosses

If you’re just eager to progress in the game instead, then you’ll be happy to know that Candy can also be earned by defeating bosses in the normal world.

In summary, players can earn Candy in Arm Wrestle Simulator by participating in Spooky Quests, Pumpkin Smashing, engaging with NPCs, and fighting bosses. These activities offer a variety of ways to accumulate Candy, allowing players to purchase exclusive Halloween-themed items.