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Nik’s Scythe MM2 Value

Welcome to our price listing page for Nik’s Scythe! Looking for the up-to-date Nik’s Scythe MM2 value? Check out the latest prices below. We will keep this page updated daily, so always make sure to check it before you make a trade in-game!

Nik's Scythe MM2 Value

Nik’s Scythe MM2 Value

Nik’s Scythe MM2 Value:
Player Demand: 10/10
Price Stability: Stable

What is Nik’s Scythe in MM2?

Nik’s Scythe is an Ancient knife that can be obtained in Murder Mystery 2 (MM2) via trading. It is currently one of the game’s rarest and most sought-after items.

How much is Nik’s Scythe worth in MM2?

The current Nik’s Scythe MM2 value is . However, it’s generally considered to be priceless as the item is so rare, and the only players that have it are unlikely to trade it anytime soon.

How to get Nik’s Scythe?

Nik’s Scythe was only given to players that helped Nikilis, the creator of MM2, with bug reports. Friends of Nikilis also received the knife via a redeemable code.

This weapon can now only be obtained by trading it with other players.

Notable players with Nik’s Scythe

  • Nikilis
  • Zyleak
  • Slouse
  • Julrbx
  • IDontHaveAUse
  • didi1147
  • Songbreeze15

How are the MM2 values calculated?

The MM2 values listed here are based on their relative value compared to every other item currently in the game. They have been compiled by some of the best and richest traders in MM2. Keep in mind that the values are largely opinion-based, and ultimately an item is only worth as much as you want it. If you’re looking for the complete list of MM2 values, check out our MM2 value list page.

What types of weapons are in MM2?

There are many different types of weapons to collect in MM2, including guns and knives. Each one belongs to a specific category, rarity, and tier. This is important to know when trading, as some types of weapons are worth much more than others.

Here’s a list of the main weapon categories:

Does MM2 have a trading currency?

There is no trading currency in MM2. You can only trade items for other items. Therefore, is it necessary to value items based on how rare and sought-after they are compared to other items in the game.

And that was our current Nik’s Scythe MM2 value. Are you looking for more value lists on Roblox? Check out our Pet Simulator X value list.

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