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Pet Simulator X Quest Shop Guide – Quest List & Rewards

Here’s our Pet Simulator X Quest Shop guide for the new feature that’s just been added to the game. Complete quests and earn rewards!

Pet Simulator X Quest Shop Guide

Pet Simulator X Quest Shop Guide

he Quest Shop is a brand-new feature. It enables players to complete quests and earn Quest Points. This currency can then be used to purchase items from the Quest Shop.

The signs that offer quests are in every world in Pet Simulator X.

Pet Simulator X Quest Shop Rewards

There are various rewards available to purchase with Quest Points and more will likely be added at a later date. Here’s all of the ones we know so far:

Quest Egg 1

Quest Egg 1 Value

Quest Egg 1 can be purchased for 400 Quest Points.

The egg will contain two pets:

We would presume that over time the egg will be updated with new pets in “Quest Egg 2” etc.

M-10 Hoverboard

The M-10 Hoverboard can be purchased for 5,000 Quest Points. It’s 2x Speed.

M-10 Trading Booth

The M-10 Trading Booth changes the style of the player’s trading booth to match the M-10 pets. It costs 1,000 Quest Points to purchase.

Boost Pack

The boost pack can be bought for 800 Quest Points and contains four different boosts:

  • (x35) Ultra Lucky!
  • (x65) Triple Coins!
  • (x85) Super Lucky!
  • (x65) Triple Damage!

+1 Pet Slot

This will unlock an extra slot for equipped pets. It costs 7,500 Quest Points to purchase.

Pet Storage

This will unlock more +800 storage for pets. It costs 800 Quest Points to purchase.

Diamond Rewards

Diamonds can be bought for Quest Points as well:

  • Large
  • 5,000,000,000 diamonds
  • 5,000 quest points
  • Medium
  • 1,200,000,000 diamonds.
  • $2,000
  • Tiny
  • 250,000,000 diamonds.
  • 500 quest points

What is the best thing to buy from the Quest Shop?

The best things to buy from the Quest Shop in Pet Simulator X are probably either diamonds or the Quest Egg 1 to then sell for diamonds.

Pet Simulator X Quests

This is not confirmed, but we presume three new quests can be completed each day.

Here’s an example of the type of quests you’ll see:

  • Break 100 Coins in Town! (1*)
  • Hatch 300 Pets from Starter Eggs! (2*)
  • Break 500 Chests in Town! (3*)

The full list of quests (X = random number):

  • X pets from the Mysterious Merchant!
  • X pets from the Traveling Merchant!
  • X pets from Trading Booths!
  • Create X Fused Legendary Pets!
  • Enchant X pets with Royalty!
  • Enroll X Pets in Daycare
  • Equip +X pet at a time!
  • Break X Chests in Heaven Island!
  • Break X Chests in Town!
  • Break X Chests in Winter!
  • Break X Coins in Candy Island!
  • Break X Coins in Town!
  • Break X Crates
  • Break X Crates in Winter!
  • Break X Diamonds in Desert!
  • Break X Diamonds in the Diamond Mine!
  • Break X Grand Heaven Chests in Heaven’s Gate!
  • Break X Magma Chests in Volcano!
  • Break X Presents
  • Break X Presents in Forest!
  • Break X Presents in Glacier!
  • Break X Safes
  • Break X Safes in Beach!
  • Break X Vaults
  • Break X Vaults in Enchanted Forest!
  • Break X Vaults in Mine!
  • Hatch X Pets from Hell Eggs!
  • Hatch X Mythicals from Heaven’s Gate Eggs!
  • Hatch X Pets from Ancient Eggs!
  • Hatch X Pets from Forest Eggs Eggs!
  • Hatch X Pets from Mine Eggs Eggs!
  • Hatch X Pets from Spiked Eggs!
  • Hatch X Pets from Starter Eggs Eggs!
  • Hatch X Shiny
  • Hatch X Shiny Pegasus Pets!
  • Hatch X Shiny Pets from Spiked Eggs!
  • Hatch X Shiny Samurai Dragon Pets!
  • Use the Daycare X times!
  • Use the Enchant Machine X times on pets with glittering!
  • Use the Gold Machine X times!
  • Use the Rainbow Machine X times!

And that was our Pet Simulator X Quest Shop guide! We’ll update this page with more information when we discover it. Good luck completing your quests and enjoy the free rewards!

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Pet Simulator X is available to play for free on PC, Consoles, and Mobile via