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Pet Simulator X: Daycare Mastery & Diamond Mine Mastery

The latest update for Pet Simulator X adds two brand new masteries to level up! They are Daycare Mastery and Diamond Mine Mastery.

Daycare Mastery

  • Lvl 1 (99 Max) 0/300
  • Lvl 15 – Daycare earns 10% more coins!
  • Lvl 35 – Daycare earns 25% more boosters!
  • Lvl 50 – Daycare earns 35% more coins!
  • Lvl 75 – Daycare earns 50% more diamonds!
  • Lvl 99 – Daycare has better luck to get a Huge Pet!

Diamond Mine Mastery

  • Lvl 1 (99 Max) 0/300
  • Lvl 15 – +25% Diamond Mine drops!
  • Lvl 35 – +50% Diamond Mine pet damage!
  • Lvl 50 – +50% Diamond Mine drops!
  • Lvl 75 – +200% Diamond Mine pet damage!
  • Lvl 99 – +100% Diamond Mine drops!

These new masteries will provide a pretty nice buff to these two features. Time to get mining and looking after those pets in daycare!

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Pet Simulator X is available to play for free on PC, Consoles, and Mobile via