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Reverse 1999 Reroll Guide: Which characters to reroll for?

Reverse 1999 is nearly here, and the first thing many players will be doing is rerolling their account for the optimal characters to start with. That’s where our Reverse 1999 reroll guide comes in handy!

Reverse 1999 Reroll Guide

Before delving into the guide, we should mention that it’s not recommended to spend all day rerolling in Reverse 1999, so don’t stress about it too much.

Reverse 1999 Reroll Guide

To reroll your account in Reverse 1999, we recommend following these steps:

Tip: Level up Senetto as much as you can, as this will make things easier.

  1. Open the game and choose “Login with Email”, then register an account.
  2. Use a “Salted” Gmail, that means take your normal Gmail and add “+” to the end, followed by anything else. Example: [email protected], [email protected] etc.
  3. Skip the tutorial story when possible.
  4. Clear to stage 1-4, and then check your mailbox to claim the pre-registration rewards.
  5. Clear to stage 1-11 to unlock the stage replay function and the resource stage (“Enter the Show” on the right side of the main screen).
  6. Use all of your stamina on the resource stage to level up your account to level five. This will unlock 20 more summons.
  7. Use your 40 summons to roll for characters in the “The First Drop of Rain” banner, which requires 30 summons for a guaranteed character.
  8. If you get the characters you want, bind the account to Google Play or Facebook. If not, repeat the same steps again.

Note: It takes 14 days to delete a guest account, so it’s not advisable to use one for rerolling.

Once you get your character, determine if it is one you want to invest in. Remember that there will be a banner for a different character in the future.

Which characters to reroll for?

The first banner for RE:1999 is called “The First Drop of Rain” and features three 6* characters: Regulus, Eternity, and Lilia. All of them are really good, so it generally comes down to your own personal preference and playstyle. Check the Reverse 1999 tier list page for more information on the characters.


Regulus is a character that is well-suited for crit-oriented teams. She has a +50% crit bonus and can reduce the moxie of different opponents with her conceal skill. If you’re looking to build a crit-focused team, Regulus is a great choice.


Eternity is a versatile character that can work well in a variety of team setups. She is particularly useful for tanking and is immune to many status effects such as bleed, corrode, and poison. If you’re looking for a character that can handle a variety of situations, Eternity is a solid choice.


Lilia is a pure DPS character and has the highest single target DPS in the game as of the start of Global. However, she doesn’t offer any other utility, so she may not be the best choice for every team setup. If you’re looking for a character that can dish out a lot of damage, Lilia is a great option.

We hope this reverse 1999 reroll guide has helped you find the perfect team to start blasting through the game with!