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Roblox Raise A Floppa How To Get Money Fast

Earning money is one of the game’s trickiest and most rewarding aspects. Here’s our Roblox Raise A Floppa how to get money fast guide.

Roblox Raise A Floppa How To Get Money Fast

Raise a Floppa in Roblox is a pet raising game. It gets interesting when you know the Big Floppa Meme and how it has inspired Raise a Floppa. You will have to take care of a Floppa and make sure that its happiness and hunger level never reach zero.

The more money you feed your floppa, the more rewarding it’ll be for you in the end. To raise a Floppa, you will have to find ways of making money in Roblox, as feeding a Floppa needs a lot of money. A few methods of making money are,

  • Click on your Floppa
  • Collect Money Bags
  • Get a Roommate and Collect Rent
  • Purchase Upgrade Items

Floppa is a famous meme cat who inspired this entire game in Roblox. A sequel to Raised By Floppa is coming soon in Roblox.

This article will show you how to raise a floppa and make money fast in Roblox; read on to learn more about it.

Roblox Raise A Floppa How To Get Money Fast

You can try a few things to get money fast and raise your floppa in-game. We have listed and explained the procedure of each step below.

Spam Click On Your Floppa

One of the most efficient ways to get money out of Floppa is to spam-click on it. It is by far the quickest way to earn money in Roblox. You can get $1 with each click on your Floppa, and with some tweaking on your computer, you can set up an auto-clicker that can generate a decent amount of cash from your Floppa.

The cash Floppa drops is unlimited, so keep clicking as much as possible to earn some money.

Eventually, you will see that the price per click will start increasing.

Don’t Forget To Collect The Money Bags

Clicking is not the only way your Floppa will drop money; depending on its happiness level, it will also drop large money bags with a significant amount. You can collect these money bags to collect cash and feed your Floppa.

Getting A Roommate

If the above two methods are not enough for you, you can share your room with another player and demand rent from him to make enough money to fulfill the needs of your Floppa. Once again, you can periodically increase the rent to build a stable income.

Buying Upgrade Items

You can also buy upgrade items from the interwebs like scratch posts and beds to make your floppa happier and ultimately earn more money. Some incredible items can further accelerate your income streams, like the Auto-clicker 2.0 and Gyakko.

Other Ways To Get Money In Roblox

You can trade, find a job, or do chores for other players to earn extra cash in Roblox. You can find many tasks in different groups with decent cash rewards. You can also create and sell avatars to make some serious money and raise your floppa effectively.

What Happens To You If Your Floppa Dies?

Just like the Floppa rewards you for its happiness and hunger level, it punishes you if it ends up dead in your arms and you end up in a catastrophe of some kind. Raise a floppa 2.0 is coming, and we are yet to see how Floppa’s death impacts a Roblox player in the new sequel. 


Now that you know how you can earn some extra cash in Roblox, it is time to raise a Floppa and cash your making but be sure to maintain its happiness and hunger and never let them reach zero, or a catastrophe will find you instead of its rewards.

Let us know how well Roblox Raise a Floppa: How to Earn Money Fast added more to your Roblox experience. Happy Earning!

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