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Seven Knights 2 Beginner’s Guide 2022 (June)

This is a Seven Knights 2 beginner’s guide. We’ll go over the very basics of the game.

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Seven Knights 2 Beginner’s Guide

Seven Knights 2 Beginner's Guide

The Heroes

Heroes are characters you control that can use attacks and skills in combat.

There are 6 different grades of heroes (Common -> Legendary+).

Heroes can be acquired in the Summon Shop or by collecting enough Hero Soulstones.

They can be strengthened through Level Up, Potential, Skill Enhancement, and Equipment.

The Inventory

This is where you can store your equipment and items.

It can be expanded using rubies.


Equipment can be acquired through the Summon Shop, Quests, Crafting, etc.

You can salvage unneeded equipment to acquire Enhancement Stones and Gold.

There are 6 different grades of equipment, they range from Common to Legendary+.

If you equip multiple pieces of equipment with the same set effect, you can gain additional buffs.


Pets are support characters that can help your heroes with their skills during combat.

Pets come in 6 different grades and can be acquired through the Summon Shop and Pet Soulstone Fusion.


Ultimate Skills have a separate Ultimate Skill Gauge that can be charged by dealing damage to enemies.

You can use your Ultimate Skill when it is fully charged.

Tap on a hero here to change your controlled hero.

  • Rally: You can rally your heroes to the same location.
  • Target: You can choose which enemy to prioritize attacking.
  • Pet Skill: Pets have both Passive and Active skills.
  • Active skills must be activated manually.

There are also Auto Combat, Auto Skill, and Auto Ultimate buttons that can be activated to attack enemies automatically.

Game Modes

The Arena is PvP content where you can compete with opponents to acquire Rubies and other rewards.

Field Exploration
Freely battle monsters to acquire equipment and upgrade materials.

You can enjoy various Exploration Fields by using Common and Greater Maps!

Upgrade Dungeon
There are 5 different Dungeons you can complete to acquire Soulstones, Elixirs, Runes, and other upgrade materials required to strengthen heroes!

There are 4-Player, 8-Player, and Party Raids! If you complete each Raid, you can acquire various different rewards!

You can play with others in real-time in Party Raid!

Celestial Tower
Enter the Celestial Tower and clear missions on each floor to acquire rewards.


Divinity is a system that can enhance the stats of all your owned heroes.

There are a total of 12 Divinity attributes, and each attribute can be enhanced up to level 10.


Mastery provides beneficial effects to all your owned heroes.

You can choose a mastery every 5 account levels.

Make sure to take advantage of Divinity and Mastery to raise your account combat power!


Quests are divided into Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard difficulties.

The Attack and HP of monsters and bosses will differ for each of these 4 difficulties.


There are Daily Missions which refresh every day,

Monthly Missions which refresh every month, and Achievements that can be challenged whenever!

Don’t forget that if you complete each mission, you can acquire Gold, Rubies, and other various rewards!


There are always ongoing missions in Seven Knights 2, such as Daily Login, Guide Missions, and more!


If you join a Guild, you can acquire Guild Coins through Guild Login, Guild Achievements, etc.

You can use these Guild Coins at the shop to purchase various rewards!


You can give and receive Friendship Points with your friends and use them to buy Maps, Dungeon/Raid Entry Tickets, and other items from the Shop.

You can partake in Friendly Matches with your friends or Guild members so be sure to make a lot of friends!

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