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Signature BIG Maskot Value

Signature Big Maskot Value

Signature BIG Maskot Value


What is Signature BIG Maskot?

Signature BIG Maskot is an Exclusive rarity pet that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X. It is a re-skin of the BIG Maskot pet.

How much is Signature BIG Maskot worth?

The current Signature BIG Maskot value is estimated to be around 200B diamonds.

How to get Signature BIG Maskot?

Signature BIG Maskot can be obtained by unlocking the “Celebrity Crush” achievement. This involves meeting BuildIntoGames in-game. BuildIntoGames is also known as Preston, and is the creator of the Pet Simulator game series in Roblox.

Your best bet at obtaining this achievement is to go to the Roblox profile of BuildIntoGames, and click on “Follow” via the three dots on the right side of the page. When you see him online, you’ll be able to click the “Join” button once he enters a server.

Keep in mind that Preston rarely, if ever, plays the game anymore so the only real chance to obtain the pet is to buy it from another player.

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