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Toilet Tower Defense Episode 68 Part 1 Update Log

A brand new update has arrived in Toilet Tower Defense! Here’s the complete update log for Episode 68 part 1.

Toilet Tower Defense Episode 68 Part 1 Update Log

🎄 Christmas Event

Toilet Tower Defense’s Christmas event has started & The Thanksgiving Event has ended!

Follow the blue path from the spawn to the event area!

🎁 Santa Crate

Use presents, the new christmas currency, to purchase Santa Crates! You can get:

🦌 Reindeer Speakerman

  • (Epic) – An expensive – but high damage – AOE speakerman.

🧝‍♀️ Elf Camerawoman

(Legendary) – She punches until level 5/6 when she gets Christmas guns!

🎅 Santa TV Man

(Mythic) – A new farm that goes up to 8 levels with 3 max placed!

🎁 Titan Present Man

(Godly) – Throws a random present to slow toilets, explode with spawn damage, or (1%) do a TON of damage.

🎉 Event Pass

Complete the event pass – one of the tabs of the event menu – to get various rewards.

There are 50 tiers for you to complete!

You can earn presents (event currency), coins, boosts, gems, event crates, and best of all: 2 unique units!

❄️ Frost DJ Speakerman

(Legendary) – Does up to 240 degrees AOE with far range!

🧊 Sinister Titan TV Man

(Mythic) – With multiple attacks, this unit can slow toilets with his chest snowball launcher, do AOE with his TV, and at max level: use an ice scythe to deal tons of damage!

📋 Event Missions

The event menu has a 3rd tab – for missions! Complete missions to earn XP for the event pass and presents to spend in the event shop!

The event shop has Santa Crates, boosts, and gems available to spend presents on!

💥 Explosion Changes

The default Roblox explosion has been replaced with a custom explosion to reduce lag!