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Valiant Force 2 Guide Wiki & FAQs

Valiant Force 2 Guide & FAQs

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What is Valiant Force 2 about?

Valiant Force 2 is an upcoming mobile strategy RPG set in the fantasy world of Arathos.

The sequel returns to the hero collection genre with a bigger roster of characters than ever, interwoven with an eye-catching anime visual style that’s become a defining characteristic of the award-winning franchise.

Is Valiant Force 2 the Sequel to Valiant Force?

Yes, the story takes place in the same fictional universe as Valiant Force and picks up a few years after the events of the original.

Will the gameplay be similar to Valiant Force?

Valiant Force 2 will retain classic features and mechanics that fans of the original title will recognise.

Expect a fresh take on the turn-based, tactical gameplay with popular features such as Hero Jobs, the Aura system, and your very own airship.

Which regions are open for Valiant Force 2’s SEA Launch?

Valiant Force 2 will be available for download on Google Play and the App Store in the following regions: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos

My country/region is not included in the list; when will it be available in my area?

Valiant Force 2 is looking to expand to more regions across the world. Keep updated on our official channels on when we might be coming to yours!

What languages is Valiant Force 2 currently playable in?

Valiant Force 2 currently supports five text languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. More languages may be added later, so stay tuned!

What are the Minimum Requirements to play Valiant Force 2?

Minimum Requirements for Android:

OS: Android 8.0; Storage: 4 GB; AM: 3 GB and above.

Minimum Requirements for iOS:

  • OS: iOS 11; Storage: 4 GB; Ram: 3 GB and above.
  • Models: iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE(2nd generation), iPad(7th Gen), iPad Air(3rd Gen), iPad Pro, iPad Mini(5th Gen), iPad Pro(2nd generation)”.

How to bind a Valiant Force 2 account?

You can bind your account by tapping MENU > SETTING > ACCOUNT, then select “Account” and choose the third party you would like to bind.

How to unbind a Valiant Force 2 account?

We are sorry but it is unfortunately not currently possible to unbind your account once it is bound.

How to retrieve a Valiant Force 2 account?

You can retrieve your account by logging in with 3rd party info.
If you have bound 3rd party account with the game, please tap on the middle icon on the top right of login interface, then log in with your third-party account.

How to play Valiant Force 2 on different devices?

You need to bind your personal account (Facebook, Gooogle Play or Email) with the game. Then you can log in to the same account on different devices to sync your game progress.

Why was my Valiant Force 2 account reset?

If you are a test user, all account data has been removed after the test and you need to restart the game.

How to delete my Valiant Force 2 account?

Account deletion is only available for iOS players for now.

For iOS players, you can delete your account by tapping MENU -> SETTING -> ACCOUNT -> Delete User.


  1. Once your account is deleted, it cannot be retrieved afterwards. Please proceed with caution.
  2. Your third party account will be unbound once deleting the game account.

Where can I stay in touch with the Valiant Force 2 Team and Community?

Make sure to follow our official channels and be part of our growing community of adventurers. Be sure to share your feedback with us in any of our channels!

And that was our Valiant Force 2 guide & FAQ. If you’ve just pulled an SSR unit, check out our Valiant Force 2 tier list guide to compare it with other characters. Need some free in-game items? Read our Valiant Force 2 codes guide. To keep up with the latest game news, follow their official Twitter and Facebook pages.