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Valor Legends: Eternity Currency Guide 2022 (October)

There’s a lot of currency in Valor Legends: Eternity. In this guide, we’ll go through each one and the most optimal ways to utilize them.

Huge credit to Wahwah for putting this guide together!


In the early game, do a few 10x pulls with them to get some units then once the wondering trader is unlocked from the magic expedition, save gems to buy summoning books (210 each) and seeds (700 each) at a discount there. I usually buy the bounty offer clues as seen here, this is because most 5* and 4* bounties give the value of over 30 gems so there is a net profit. Refresh Bounty passes are also worth getting if you feel like you are constantly running out of them. Evolution beads used to be worth the value here, but ever since the update, you will get more for less gems buying them from the magic store.

Valor Legends: Eternity Currency Guide

There are differently weekly events (one for time traveling, mysterious trial, and bounty) and it is also advised to spend gems to complete those events for kingdom medals which can then be traded for any heroes.

Valor Legends: Eternity Currency Guide

Depending on the amount you want to spend, you can also buy arena tickets (magic store), 100, 200 gem guild prays, mysterious realms and time travels too to progress faster. I do not recommend buying the guild prayers as they got nerfed extremely hard and you can farm plenty from guild wars. I tend to buy the 100 pure wishes for 1k gems every day as these will benefit your hero classes more.

Valor Legends: Eternity Currency Guide


Gold express is free every 8 hours, be sure to claim it! If you need gold, you need more gold, feel free to buy from gold express or mysterious realms. Keep in mind that the gold from express will almost always be more value per gem than the mysterious realms. I buy the evolution beads in magic shop for gold (you require a lot endgame) and sometimes if I have excess, the 4* random shards too. Glory invitation letters too if you’re trying to grind arena but these can be found for cheaper through the mysterious merchant.

Energy Essence

The majority of this will be from idling, if you need tiny bits extra, try the endless trial. At endgame this is the most abundant resource for me as they are only used for hero leveling.

Valor Legends: Eternity Currency Guide

Guild Tokens

You can earn this through guild dungeon, would recommend saving up for refinement crystals and stones as red gear can be obtained through idle and harder levels of guild dungeons.

Gears do not impact the stats of heroes too much so getting red faction gear isn’t a priority for me. (apart from agility longbows which increases crit chance, if you don’t have those try getting those first, some rangers/assassins require crit to activate their abilities and it’s recommended to get red faction longbows for those heroes).

Guild Technology Points

Get them daily from free guild prayers and guild war, not recommended to buy more since guild tech is not as strong as it used to be. It is recommended to focus on one DPS class at a time to max out first, prioritize the % increase over raw stats as they can buff your units more. I have nearly maxed out my assassins tech and now am focused on rangers.

Valor Legends: Eternity Currency Guide


Use these to buy fragments, if you need fodder, it is cheaper to buy the 4* shards, if you don’t, buy the 5* to roll for legendary. Each 3* gives you 80 stones. Memory Echo – Use these to upgrade artifacts, which have passives and actives skills. Passives are permanent upgrades to your heroes (when they are equipped) while actives only enable when that artifact is used. My personal preferences to upgrade are storm breaker for the leech, and thunder destroyer for the active stun skill and crit rate when unlocked. Pray coins – No current event with these so spend them as you like, you can only receive this through real-life cash or bounties.

Honor Coins

if you receive any copies of heroes in the arena store and want to build them save and buy them here. Fodder is also quite cheap here too. I buy 5* random hero fragments (as you can roll even light and dark legendaries from these) and Evolution beads (as they’re the gating resource for leveling up past hero level 260+).

Guild Glory Tokens

Buy anything you require in the guild war store. My personal preference is the 5* random shards and the Thunder Destroyer and Storm Breaker shards.

Abyss Tokens

Save these to buy yellow runes when they are unlocked in the Abyss Battle store, I recommend buying the random ones for 12k as you will need to disassemble 8 to fully upgrade 1.

Valor Legends: Eternity Currency Guide

Magic Crystal

The best value is to buy fodder/5* artifact shards here.

Kingdom Medals

Best to save up to 120 to buy light and dark units here. You can unlock the wishlist with your first 11* which allows you to pick any non-light and dark heroes whereas l/ds are a lot more powerful and rarer to obtain.

Pure Wishes

Idling gives you about 50 every day and therefore it is recommended to buy them for 500 gems in the magic shop if they pop up. Would recommend focusing on one main DPS class at a time as well as the tank and priest class but this is a fairly new feature and I could be wrong.

Wisdom Starlight

You can get these for upping the star on legendary units(unsure if this works for dupes of the same legendary). Your bonus attributes cannot go over the level of the main oracle deducted by 15.

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