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Valor Legends: Eternity Spending Guide 2024 (March)

If you’re wanting to spend some of your hard-earned cash in Valor Legends: Eternity then this guide is for you! We’ll list all of the best value for money purchases currently available in the game

Huge credit to Wahwah for putting this guide together!

Basic Monthly Pack for First Purchase Reward

The first item that is most worth buying is the discounted monthly gems. This will give you 6300 gems as well as unlocking the first purchase rewards.

Valor Legends: Eternity Spending Guide

If you pull another renee you can get her to 7*s. Amazing value.

Valor Legends: Eternity Spending Guide

Permanant Bounty Passes

If you still wish to spend more the next most worth it items are the bounty passes in the Kingdom Benefit Store. These are permanent upgrades to the daily bounties and have extremely good value in the long run, especially for completing the monthly quests to finish 6-7* bounties. The first offer is around 2000 gems while the 2nd offer is around $10.

Valor Legends: Eternity Spending Guide

Tree of Advancements

The next most valued purchase is the Tree of Advancement, it costs $20 and gives 38500 gems. This offer repeats 3 times for different stages. This is relatively easy to complete, on average it takes 2 weeks to complete each and receive all the gems. It is 1925 gems per $1!

Valor Legends: Eternity Spending Guide

Monthly Gem Packs

The next most valued purchases are the monthly gem packs: which will give you 6300 and 19580+ (increases with VIP level) gems. They cost $5 and $15 respectively and if you want gems the $15 pack is the most value in the game for gems. This can be purchased every month. The $5 gives 1260 gems per $1 while the $15 is 1305+ gems p=r $1.

Valor Legends: Eternity Spending Guide

Lucky Offers

There are lucky offers which pop up and, in my opinion, those are the most valuable packs to buy after. However be selective with the packs to buy as these can be from 3000% value to 1000%, 900%, 800% and 700%. The prices of these gradually goes up the more you buy, so keep in mind! Some current packs seem to pop out randomly but most still follow the previous patch method: the 3000% usually appears after playing for a certain amount of days, the 1000% packs after clearing the final battle in a stage in champaign, the 900-800% sells you memory echoes for artifact upgrading while the 700% appears after getting a 5* legendary hero.

Valor Legends: Eternity Spending Guide

To cheaply calculate the worth of the package shown above: 980 gem + 30 books (30 x 210 = 6300 gems) + 2 x 12 hours gold ( 4 hours gold is 20 gems x 3 x 2 = 120 gems) = 7400 gems.

$15 for 7400 is decent. It is 493 per $1 though, a lot less than the methods above.

Valor Legends: Eternity Spending Guide

Other packs are harder to calculate the value of, personally I do not value the 12 hours of hero exp and gold as at endgame, they become excessive for me. 2500 beads is about 500 gems for me via the magic shop, I can get around 2 5*s from 20 summons (as explained in pulling mechanics) (20 x 210 = 4200). Therefore personally this pack will only be as valuable as 5980 gems for $20. Not worth it for me at all for around 300 gems per $1.

Monthly Benefit

Valor Legends: Eternity Spending Guide

If you would like to progress faster, buying the monthly benefit from the kingdom benefit store is worth its value. It allows for an extra 2 free time travels everyday, nearly 1300 beads and 10 summoning books. This costs $10 per month and is valued at 30 days x 2 times a day x 50 (or sometimes 100) gems + 10 books x 210 gems + (175) = 5275 (50 gem time travel) ~8275+ (100+ gem time travel). This is especially valuable during time travel weekly event to lessen the gem cost to complete all the requirements. $10 is usually 680 gems and this purchase is 528~828+ gems per $1. I use the time travel about 6-7 times a day so this would be more valuable to me.

Kingdom Passes

There are two passes that will be unlocked 8 days after playing called the hero pass the and magic pass. You earn EXP on the hero pass through doing weekly and daily missions while the magic through doing the abyssal battlefield and Magic expedition. They both cost $25 each. I will be using the conversion of 60 shards = (10 books x 210 gems) = 2100 gems to work out the value of the pass.This works out to 35 gems per shard. 35 gems x (700 shards + (4 hero custom chest x 60 shards ) ) + 9050 gems = 41950 gems. This is 1678 gems per $1, quite a value.

Valor Legends: Eternity Spending Guide

There is a cheaper way to get shards: you can buy 60 shards for 3600 arena coins. Each shard is 3600/60 = 60 coins. You get 20 coins per win and a ticket costs 10 gems each at the cheapest price. This means that 1 shard should equal 30 gems. (If there are better ways to calculate this please message me and I am happy to change this part, this is the cheapest and non-ambiguous way I calculated of obtaining 5* hero shards). 30 gems x (700 shards + (4 hero custom chest x 60 shards ) + 9050 gems = 37250 gems. There might be cheaper ways to obtain hero shards but with this calculation, this pack is valued at 1490 gems per $1, still quite good value.

Valor Legends: Eternity Spending Guide

Evolution bead are 350 gems per 1944 and 980k gold for 800 in the magic shop, as you gain more and more gold, this will become cheaper and cheaper but we will use the base gem price for this. With the pass you can get 41500 evolution beads from the bottom path and 9050 gems. (41500/1944) x 350 gems + 9050 gems = 16522 gems and will decrease in value as you climb higher. This equates to about 661 gems per $1 and will be especially helpful late game.

Time Limited Offers

Valor Legends: Eternity Spending Guide

The time limited offers that appear only after creating the account and disappears after 14 – 30 days. I don’t remember them being especially worth buying unless you’re whale but the most expensive $100 pack does contain Lionel which is one of the best tanks in the game. The kingdom offers are in my opinion 400%-200% value. After that the Gem and VIP section contains gems at their base value which is doubled on first purchase. Do not bother buying these unless you’ve whaled through all the other packages these are the worst value for money.

Skip Ad Pass

Valor Legends: Eternity Spending Guide

The skip ad pass in my opinion is totally not worth the value. I personally don’t really mind watching 6 ads a day while I afk and do something else. I would put the value of the 24 hour chest at around 350 gems and the legendary shard to be at 2100 gems meaning the pass is 3130 gems coming at 313 gems per $1. Not advised to buy this unless you really hate adverts.

Hero Growth Packs

Valor Legends: Eternity Spending Guide

The hero growth packs in my opinion are worth the money if you want to splash out more. For example with the first purchase, 300 + 2100 = 2400 (not including the hero exp). 480 gems per 1$ is decently good value. The 2nd purchase, 680 + 4200 + (roughly 350) = 5230 gems. It has more value at 523 gems per $1. The 3rd pack is 3280 + 6300 = 9580. 192 gems per $1 is very low but it does have a specific character. The 4th pack is (4 heroes x 2100) + 3280 + (15 x 700) = 22180 This is 444 gems per $1 but might be worth it if you are looking for fodder and seeds.

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