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Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolutions

Here’s our Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions guide. Learn everything about evolutions and unions in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolutions

Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolutions

Evolution is a game mechanic in Vampire Survivors which upgrades a weapon into a stronger version of itself using a passive item.

Union is a combination of two weapons, which may or may not also require a passive item as a catalyst. Once two weapons are united, you will obtain a free weapon slot.

Evolved weapons usually inherit most of the weapon’s normal mechanics, along with a buff somehow connected to the stat boost of the passive item used for the evolution. For example, the Fire Wand, which shoots damaging projectiles, is merged with the Spinach, a passive item that increases damage, to create Hellfire – a weapon which now passes through units, dealing damage to more enemies at a time.

How to Evolve your weapon

For evolution to take place, you need to fulfil the following three conditions:

  1. Have a base weapon upgraded fully. Most weapons must be upgraded eight times before an evolution can take place.
  2. Have the base weapon’s passive item counterpart in your inventory. It doesn’t matter which level it is.
  3. Find a treasure chest. You can find a treasure chest by defeating a boss.

How to Unite your weapons

To unite your two weapons, you need to fulfil the following three conditions:

  1. Have both base weapons upgraded fully.
  2. If applicable, have the required passive item in your inventory.
  3. Find a treasure chest.

Evolution Recipes

Base Weapon Passive Item Evolution
Whip+Hollow Heart=Bloody Tear
Magic Wand+Empty Tome = Holy Wand
 Knife+ Bracer= Thousand Edge
Axe+ Candelabrador= Death Spiral
Cross+ Clover= Heaven Sword
 King Bible+ Spellbinder= Unholy Vesper
Fire Wand+ Spinach= Hellfire
 Garlic+ Pummarola= Soul Eater
 Santa Water+ Attractorb La Borra
 Runetracer+ Armor NO FUTURE
 Lightning Ring+Duplicator = Thunder Loop
 Pentagram+ Crown= Gorgeous Moon
Gatti Amari+ Stone Mask= Vicious Hunger
 Song of Mana+ Skull O’Maniac= Mannajja
 Shadow Pinion+ Wings= Valkyrie Turner
Clock Lancet Silver Ring + Gold Ring=Infinite Corridor 
Laurel Metaglio Left + Metaglio Right= Crimson Shroud

Union Recipes

Base Weapon Base Weapon Passive Item Union
Phiera Der Tuphello+Eight The Sparrow+Tiragisú =Phieraggi
Peachone+ Ebony Wings= Vandalier
 Vento Sacro+ Bloody Tear Fuwalafuwaloo

Best Evolutions: Top Three

Naturally, it is always better to have an evolution or union than any base weapon. However, some evolutions are objectively better than others. Here are the three best evolutions and unions, and how to get them:


Phierragi is one of the best weapon options in Vampire Survivors. Both of the base weapon components are strong on their own, so you won’t have to suffer through a difficult early game to get this fantastic union. Unfortunately, there is quite a hefty process associated with unlocking this weapon.

First, to unlock Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight of Sparrow, you must first find and unlock Pugnala Provola. Her coffin can be found in the Mad Forest. Upon opening her coffin, you can purchase her for 1000 gold. Once she’s unlocked, you must then survive for 10 and 15 minutes respectively to unlock these weapons for your other characters.

To unlock the Tiragisú, you must survive for 20 minutes playing as Krochi Freetto. Krochi is available for purchase after defeating a total of 100,000 enemies across all runs.

Unholy Vespers

Unholy Vespers is the evolved version of the King Bible. The King Bible by itself is already a terrific weapon, and its evolution causes it to circle the character ceaselessly, rather than periodically.

King Bible is unlocked by default. The Spellbinder is a little harder to obtain, but still relatively easy. You must first purchase Pasqualina Belpaese for 100 gold and survive as her for five minutes. This will unlock the Runetracer weapon. Upgrade Runetracer to level seven to unlock the Spellbinder.

Between these three top tier weapons, Unholy Vespers is immeasurably easier to obtain, so it’s the best option until you get to your late playthroughs.


Like the Phieraggi, the Fuwalafuwaloo requires a lot of work. Unlike the Phierragi, the base components of the Fuwalafuwaloo are somewhat mediocre and will give you a hard time in the early game. Once you do obtain this Union though, you will be rewarded with an absolute powerhouse that both dishes out a tremendous amount of damage and heals your character.

To obtain the Fuwalafuwaloo, you must first unlock the Vento Sacro. You must find Zi’Assunta Belpaese’s coffin in the Cappela Magna, then purchase her for 5,000 gold. The Vento Sacro is then unlocked for all your characters by surviving 15 minutes with Zi’Assunta. Luckily, the second base weapon, Bloody Tear, is easy to obtain. The Whip is unlocked by default and offered to the player from the start. Hollow Heart is unlocked by surviving 1 minute as any character – simple.

With that out of the way, you now need to upgrade the Vento Sacro and Whip to level 8 and then grab the Hollow Heart. The next treasure chest you open will grant you the Bloody Whip, and the treasure chest after that, the Fuwalafuwaloo, at long last.

And that was our Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions guide. Looking for more content? We also have:

Vampire Survivors is available to play on Steam.