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Vampire Survivors Weapon Guide

Here’s our Vampire Survivors weapon guide. Learn all there is about the best weapons in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors Weapon Guide

Weapons and Passives

Vampire Survivor items come in two varieties – weapons and passives. During each run, you can have up to six unique weapons and six unique passive items from level-ups. As your inventory space is finite, and there’s no undoing a choice mid-run, you have to be very deliberate when choosing items.

Your starting weapon counts towards this six weapon maximum, which means that if your character has a weak starter, they will have to make up for that with the rest of their build.

Upgrading your Weapons in Vampire Survivors

Each time you level up you will have the option of either grabbing a new weapon, a new passive item, or upgrading something you already have.

Which item pops up on your screen when you level up is determined randomly, though items do also have varying rarities.

Your priority in the early game should be to grab some of the best items in the game. However, as you start edging towards the ten-minute mark, you need to switch your priority to upgrading your weapons and increasing their damage and projectile amount. You can have six top tier weapons but if none of them scale in damage, they won’t be able to protect you once the enemies start getting serious.

Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolution

Most weapons can be upgraded to level eight. At this point, many weapons have an option to evolve. To evolve an item, you must have a level eight weapon and its passive item counterpart (of any level). For example, a level eight Whip will turn into the Bloody Tear if you also have the Hollow Heart passive item in your inventory.

Union is a special kind of evolution available only to a small number of weapons. Unions require both items to be of level eight, and the union will merge the two into one single item. The Union of Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow requires an additional passive item to be completed.

Vampire Survivors Best Weapons

Here is a list of the four weapons you should aim to obtain.

The King Bible

The King Bible periodically circles around the character damaging enemies which pass through it. It provides a nice layer of protection that doubles as an excellent source of damage. It evolves into Unholy Vespers when combined with the Spellbinder, which turns the Bible into a continually active wall.

Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The Sparrow

These two weapons are the starting weapons of Pugnala Provola. These are two excellent weapons from the early game to the end, which can further be turned into an even better Union weapon. Once Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow are both level eight and you obtain a Tiragisú, they’ll upgrade into the Phieraggi, refunding you a weapon slot.

Fire Wand

The Fire Wand is a great early game damage dealer which scales very well into the game with increased damage and projectiles. It evolves into Hellfire when combined with Spinach, which is already a fantastic passive item that synergises with every weapon. Hellfire causes the fire from the wand to pass through enemies rather than be absorbed, making it deal damage to full waves of enemies.

Magic Wand

The Magic Wand attacks quickly and targets enemies directly, dealing damage and knocking them back slightly. It evolves into The Holy Wand when combined with the Empty Tome, which causes it to attack with no delay. With this evolution, you will be able to continuously move and kite enemies away from you, making this both a terrific offensive and defensive choice.

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Vampire Survivors is available to play on Steam.