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Vampire Survivors Relic Guide

Here’s our Vampire Survivors relic guide. Find out what Relics are, where to find them, and what they do!

Vampire Survivors Relic Guide

Vampire Survivors Relic Guide

Relics are permanent items you can find that unlock new game mechanics in Vampire Survivors. Almost all of the Relics spawn on specific Stages and must be collected like Stage Items. You can find them by following a green arrow that appears when you enter a Stage that contains them. A few Relics are granted automatically upon completing certain in-game accomplishments.

Grim Grimoire

The Grim Grimoire will likely be the first Relic you find! It can be found in the Inlaid Library by following the green arrow on your screen. Once picked up, you will be able to access the Grimoire from the pause menu. It contains all discovered weapon evolution and union recipes. Once you level up and grab an item, it will be highlighted in the Grimoire, which makes tracking weapons and passive items you need very easy.

Ars Gouda

Ars Gouda is found in the Dairy Plant. It unlocks the Bestiary in your main menu which tracks all the enemies you’ve defeated. Aside from merely enlisting them, the Bestiary also provides information about their stats, skills, resistances, and location.

Milky Way Map

Milky Way Map is the second Relic you can grab in the Dairy Plant. This Relic gives you access to a map of each Stage you’re in. The map makes it easy to find other Relics, Stage Items, Coffins, and even pick-ups like the Rosary, Chicken and Chests. You should aim to grab this as soon as possible!

Magic Banger

The Magic Banger can be found in the Challenge Stage “Green Acres”. It permanently allows you to change music when selecting a stage. This obviously doesn’t impact your gameplay, but it’s a nice addition nonetheless if there’s a particular tune you like killing to!

Sorceress’ Tears

The Sorceress’ Tears can be found in the south of Gallo Tower. Upon grabbing it, you will unlock Hurry Mode for every Stage. Hurry Mode doubles the speed of the clock, which means you’ll be able to complete your runs in 15 minutes of real-time instead of 30.


The Randomazzo is the second Relic you can grab in the Gallo Tower. It unlocks the Arcanas, which can be enabled when you select a Stage and are ready to begin your run. There are 17 Arcanas in the game currently, and you can have up to three active per playthrough. They modify the game in specific ways, each Arcana being unique. For example, the first Arcana you unlock, Sarabande of Healing, amplifies the power of healing. It makes all healing doubles and causes healing to actually damage your enemies. It improves the Bloody Whip, Soul Eater and even Floor Chicken.

Glass Vizard

The Glass Vizard Relic is sold by the Merchant in Moongolow for 10,000 gold coins. After this, you’ll be able to find the Merchant in every stage, usually close to your point of spawn. The Merchant will sell you Golden Eggs and strong weapons, like the Cherry Bomb and Bone, for coins.

Yellow Sign

The Yellow Sign can be found in the Holy Forbidden. It permanently allows you to detect hidden items in all stages. These items are the Gold Ring, Silver Ring, Metaglio Left and Metaglio Right. They will all be displayed on the Milky Way Map if you’ve previously acquired that Relic!


The Mindbender is not found, but automatically granted to a player who fills 100 entries in their Collection. It unlocks cosmetic options when choosing characters and it also allows you to set a maximum number of weapons you can carry. This means you could limit yourself to five, or even just one weapon, rather than the usual six, if you’re looking to challenge yourself.

Great Gospel

The Great Gospel is dropped by the final enemy in the fifth normal Stage, Cappella Magna. It unlocks the game mechanic Limit Break. When enabled, a fully upgraded character will not be offered gold or chicken on subsequent level-ups, but instead they will be able to upgrade their weapons beyond their usual limits. For example, you could upgrade the Might, Area, or Speed of any given weapon, each time you level up. You can do this indefinitely and become an unstoppable power-house!

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Vampire Survivors is available to play on Steam.