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Roblox Airplane Simulator Codes Wiki 2024 (May)

Here is our complete collection of active and working Roblox Airplane Simulator codes. Obtain free cash to boost your account!

Airplane Simulator Codes 

Airplane Simulator is a highly acknowledged Roblox game where players get to become a pilot and earn money from flying airplanes. You can explore the airport, complete tasks, discover new locations, and earn money as a pilot.

Moreover, your role in this game is to be a private contractor pilot and your job is to transport planes carrying cargo or passengers around the world. You do this by selecting various quests from the quest menu and earning money by completing them.

In addition to that, as you earn more money by completing quests, you can buy your own airplane. Airplane Simulator has provided players with an abundant choice of airplanes to buy. Some are bigger, faster, and better than others. Buy the airplane that suits your needs and your budget and fly away!

The developers of the Airplane Simulator have done a splendid job of replicating real-world locations into the game. Your main location is the default airport where you spawn but there are other real-world locations such as Sentosa island, Mujeres island, Timbuktu, Castille isle, Greenland, and several other locations. You can easily fly to these locations and explore them while doing your quests.

You can earn yourself a head start in the game by using redeemable codes. Airplane Simulator codes can award you with several necessary items to make your tasks a lot easier.

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Airplane Simulator codes

Updated September 17th, 2023
We checked for any new or expired codes.

Active codes:

These are currently all of the active and working Airplane Simulator codes.

  • CHINOOK – 50,000 Cash (New)
  • 100M – 100,000 cash
  • EASTER – 50,000 cash
  • FALCON – 50,000 cash
  • 6thGEN – 50k cash
  • DELTA – 50k cash
  • FestiveFrenzy – Free Christmas Gift
  • HALLOW – $50,000 Cash
  • 500K – $50,000 Cash
  • 100K – Free Rewards
  • AIRLINES – $50,000 Cash

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Expired codes:

These codes are no longer valid.

  • RACE—Redeem this code and receive Free Cash
  • FOOL—Redeem this code and receive Free Cash
  • AF1—Redeem this code and receive $30,000 Cash
  • UPDATE5—Redeem this code and receive $20,000 Cash
  • ANGEL—Redeem this code and receive $20,000 Cash
  • MILITARY—Redeem this code and receive $20,000 Cash
  • LIKES1500—Redeem this code and receive $20,000 Cash
  • RELEASE—Redeem this code and receive $20,000 Cash

What are Airplane Simulator codes?

They are in-game redeemable codes that you can redeem to earn some extra items. By using Airplane Simulator, you can receive more money, new planes, and cosmetic skins for your avatar. If you are going to play this game for a long time, these items will be extremely helpful.

How to redeem Airplane Simulator codes?

Here’s how you can easily redeem Airplane Simulator Codes:

  • Launch the game and locate the settings button with the gear logo on the bottom left of the screen.
  • Click on it and enter your code in the pop-up window.
Airplane Simulator Codes 
  • Click on “Enter” to receive your prizes.

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