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Archaic Oath Verthandi Wiki Guide: Best Build & Team [Aether Gazer]

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Archaic Oath Verthandi

Archaic Oath Verthandi Profile

  • Tier List Rank: A
  • AI Tier List Rank: A
  • Role: Support
  • Element: Lightning
  • Resource: Divine Grace
  • Gen-zone: Yggdrasill

A freshman team member who is always full of energy, just passed the exam to join the Deep Space Eye combat department. She has an optimistic and cheerful personality, and it seems that no setbacks can bring her down.

  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Birthday: February 23
  • Likes: Eating barbecue, humming a little song

Archaic Oath Verthandi Build

She’s a unique defensive modifier with special skills. Her Counter Attack triggers Zero Time and ultimate charges make her a priority to invest in.

The Red Line Aether code can buff Skill 2 and 3. The Mimtastic (the pink cat) provide healing to AI teammates, rendering shields unnecessary. Therefore, it is better to use the Red Line Aether code along with the signature functor effect to increase damage output. For auto mode, using the Blue Line Aether code can provide shields to teammates, while the first Yellow Aether code adds a stun effect to Skill 1. For the team without CC, we recommend use 1 Yellow 2 Blue Aether code build for multiple mobile bosses to ensure DMG output. 2 Blue Aether codes can help clear mobs in earlier content. However, in the late game, the AOE effect usually becomes weaker, making 2 Blue Aether codes less effective.

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Archaic Oath Verthandi Best Aether Codes

  • Rising of The Shield Hero: 2 Red | 1 Yellow
  • Signature Functor: 3 Red
  • AI Faction Functor: 3 Blue

Archaic Oath Verthandi Best Sigils

Farmable S-SSS Rank

  • Position 1: Lightning Cutter
  • Position 2: Philosopher’s Fantasies
  • Position 3: Lightning Cutter
  • Position 4: Philosopher’s Fantasies
  • Position 5: Lightning Cutter
  • Position 6: Philosopher’s Fantasies

S-SSS Rank w/ Combo Atk

  • Position 1: Lightning Cutter
  • Position 2: Nibelungenlied
  • Position 3: Lightning Cutter
  • Position 4: Nibelungenlied
  • Position 5: Lightning Cutter
  • Position 6: Nibelungenlied

Omega Rank w/ Combo Atk

  • Position 1: Lightning Cutter
  • Position 2: Philosopher’s Fantasies
  • Position 3: Lightning Cutter
  • Position 4: Philosopher’s Fantasies
  • Position 5: Nibelungenlied
  • Position 6: Nibelungenlied

Archaic Oath Verthandi Best Team

Because of her unique role in stopping enemy movement and providing an easy damage output situation for the main carry (zero-time), she is flexible in almost any team composition. She can also pair up with Shinri Tsukuyomi to form a thunder team comp.

Archaic Oath Verthandi Skills

Basic – Sword and Shield

  • Use the Sword and Shield to continually attack enemies, dealing 93% (Max: 165.1%) Lightning DMG.
  • Divine Grace: When hitting enemies with the Shield, obtain 5 Divine Grace.

Skill 1 – Shield Throw 9s CD

  • Throw the Shield towards the locked-on target, dealing 120% (Max: 239.9%) Lightning DMG.
  • Divine Grace: When the Shield hits, obtain 10 Divine Grace.

Skill 2 – Counter Strike 12s CD

  • Hold down the key to raise the Shield, max 3s, releasing the key or reaching the time limit will launch an attack, dealing 270% (Max: 540%) Lightning DMG.
  • Getting hit while the Shield is raised will block the hit, and launch a counterattack, dealing 540% (Max: 1080%) Lightning DMG, and enter Zero Time for 2s.
  • Divine Grace: Upon successful block, obtain 15 Divine Grace.

Skill 3 – Protection of Faith 15s CD

  • Gather might, then leap up and slam the ground, dealing 360% (Max: 720%) Lightning DMG, and obtain a protective shield equal to 5% of Max HP.
  • Upon Skill cast, all Divine Grace will be converted to extra shielding, with every point of Divine Grace converting to 0.1% of Max HP of shielding.

Dodge Skill – Flash Evade

  • Dodge effect: Enter Zero Time for 2s

Ultimate – Stalwart Smash 20s CD

  • Rush the locked-on target with the Shield raised, dealing 280% (Max: 560%) Lightning DMG, while knocking into enemies in the way, dealing 120% (Max: 240%) Lightning DMG. Self obtains 30 Divine Grace, while team obtains 15% Ultimate charge.
  • When self or teammates trigger Zero Time, obtain a set amount of Ultimate charge.

Ultimate Skillchain – Oath in Thunder

Characters: S Tsukuyomi & A Verthandi

  • Deals 840% + (21.54% x S Tsukuyomi’s Ultimate Skill level) Lightning DMG, 350% + (8.97% x A Verthandi’s Ultimate Skill level) Lightning DMG; On hit, team obtains 15% Ultimate charge, Lightning DMG increases by 30%, lasts 12s. Team obtains 20% Ultimate charge.

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Radiant Feather Hera Aether Codes (Skill Tree)

Divine Iron Shield

  • Starthrow: Skill 1 will inflict “Stun” status, lasts 2s.
  • Heartlock: In combat, Skill 1’s DMG is decreased by 50%, but will now bounce off of enemies, max 5 bounces, each bounce gaining 8 Divine Grace.
  • Homology: Every Skill 1 bounce increases its DMG by 30%.

Weaving the Fate

  • Starry Sky: In combat, Skill 2’s hold duration is halved, but the counterattack on successful block generates additional 15 Divine Grace, and its DMG is increased by 30%.
  • Starguard: Gain more ATK with more Divine Grace possessed, max 100%.
  • Shining Stars: On successful Skill 2 block, reset Skill 3’s CD, each hit of Basic attack will generate 5 Divine Grace, lasts 9s.

Bluesky Constraint

  • Wingweaver: When teammates take DMG, self obtains 3 Divine Grace.
  • Sacred Oath: In combat, Skill 3’s protective shield is strengthened by 20%.
  • On Guard: Skill 3 will provide teammates with a protective shield based off of their max HP.

Aether Gazer was developed by Yostar Games and is available to play for free on the Google Play Store.