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AblaZe Tyr Wiki Guide: Best Build & Team [Aether Gazer]

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AblaZe Tyr

  • Tier List Rank: S
  • Role: Main Carry
  • Element: Light
  • Resource: Trace
  • Gen-zone: Yggdrasill

AblaZe Tyr Profile

The heir of the Talleyrand family, who joined the board of directors after the joint venture with Deep Space Eye, is now the third sector manager. Possesses astonishing determination and courage.

  • Height: 182cm
  • Weight: 78kg
  • Birthday: January 5
  • Hobbies: Business lectures, golf

AblaZe Tyr Build

Note: This is from the CN servers.

A very strong modifier, but I do not recommend building him. After the changes, the controls are much more playable.

After the 5/6 update, his damage increased significantly. However, due to his control issues, many players are not able to play him well. Additionally, the team composition for Light and Yggdrasill is not complete (waiting for 小困 Oneiros A-rank).

After the update, Tyr starts with maximum Traces, therefore we do not need a Yggdrasill team composition. Teaming up with The Glare Apollo and Arctic Abyss Poseidon can benefit from the Olympus Modified Bonus (increased duration in Modified Mode), which stabilizes his damage output. From another perspective, Arctic Abyss Poseidon’scrowd control can help reduce enemies’ mobility for his skill shot. Due to The Glare Apollo’s poor damage, we do not recommend him solely for the Ultimate Skillchain; instead, we recommend Shinri Tsukuyomi.

The Moon Drifter and Cupbearer of the Gods sigil sets can replenish Traces two or more times and allow him to deal more damage than the Obelisk of Light and Cupbearer of the Gods sigil sets with a slower Skill 3. Skill 3 bursts usually have issues with time-limited content. The double Traces sigil sets and red Aether codes are the best way to play him. Wolf Bite – Broken Mark reduces the cooldown of the dodge effect, which helps him deal more damage with his second skill.

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AblaZe Tyr Best Aether Codes

  • 1 Red, 2 Yellow
  • Wolf Bite – Twilight

AblaZe Tyr Best Team

These are the best teams for AblaZe Tyr:

Current Meta:

  • Living Soul Osiris
  • Gusty Lance Shu

CC Team:

  • Arctic Abyss Poseidon
  • Drifting Flurry Leviathan

AblaZe Tyr Skills

Basic – Royal Raid

  • Swings Greatsword to continously attack enemies, dealing 240% (Max: 423.6%) Light DMG.
  • When entering stage, obtain Max amount of Trace

Skill 1 – Promotion | 7s CD

  • Switches the Greatsword’s Chess Piece, while dealing 240% (Max: 480%) Light DMG to surrounding enemies.
  • This Skill can be casted during the Basic attack sequence without interruption, but will also deal no DMG.
  • When casted during Basic attack sequence, total CD is reduced by 2.5s.
  • Both methods of casting will switch the Greatsword to the next Chess Piece in the order Knight to Rook to Queen.
  • Trace: When this Skill is used standalone, gain 2 Trace; When this Skill is used during the Basic attack sequence, gain 1 Trace.

Skill 2 – Gambit | 4.5s CD | 1 Trace

  • Drops a Greatsword from above the target, dealing 400% (Max: 800%) Light DMG.
    Deploy the current Greatsword Chess Piece on the field for 30 seconds and gain its corresponding Chess Mark.
  • While the Greatword is deployed, consume 1 Trace to use this Skill again for a followup.
    The followup is determined by the Chess Piece:
  • Greatsword-Knight: Drop the Greatsword again, dealing 800% (Max: 1600%) Light DMG.
  • Greatsword-Rook: Warp to the Greatsword’s deployed position and attack, dealing 800% (Max: 1600%) Light DMG.
  • Greatsword-Queen: Launch the Greatsword at the target, dealing 800% (Max: 1600%) Light DMG.

Skill 3 – Pincer Attack | 12s CD | 2 Trace

  • Consumes all Chess Marks, and swing the Greatsword forwards, dealing 160% (Max: 320%) Light DMG, “Imprison”ing enemies for 1.5 seconds after the Chessboard is generated, and deals DMG by dropping Greatswords from above based on the amount of Chess Marks consumed, removing the aforementioned “Imprison” effect on hit.
  • 1 Chess Mark: Deals 960% (Max: 1920%) Light DMG.
  • 2 Chess Marks: Deals 1440% (Max: 2880%) Light DMG.
  • 3 Chess Marks: Deals 1920% (Max: 3840%) Light DMG.

Dodge Skill – Castling

  • Dodge effect: Gain 1 Trace.

Ultimate – Endgame | 25s CD

  • Summons multiple greatswords to attack the enemy, dealing a total of 960% (Max: 1919.8%) Light DMG.
  • Afterwards, increase team Ultimate DMG by 16%. Can stack up to 5 times.
  • When the Modifying Level (Battle Rank) reaches Ω, recover a certain amount of Ultimate charge.

Ultimate Skillchain – Brilliant Chess | S Tyr | A Apollo

  • Deals 960% + (24.62% x Tyr’s Ultimate Skill level) Light DMG and 460% + (11.79% x Apollo’s Ultimate Skill level) Light DMG.
  • Afterwards, increase the team’s Ultimate DMG by 16%. Can stack up to 5 times.
    Resets the CD of the entire team’s Dodge effect.

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AblaZe Tyr Aether Codes (Skill Tree)

Immortal Greatsword

  • God of War: When the Chess Piece on the field is the Rook, the followup on S2 will stun the target for 4 seconds.
  • Cursed Sword: When you have 3 Chess Marks, increase the Crit Rate of S3 by 32%.
  • Art of Sword: If the Chess Piece on the field is the Knight or Queen, using S1 will cast the S2 followup afterwards. This attack’s DMG is reduced by 30%.

Wolf Bite

  • False Oath: Trace cap is increased by 1.
  • Broken Mark: After using the followup of S2, reduce the CD of Dodge effect by 4 seconds.
  • Twilight: After using the followup of S2, the Chess Piece will remain on the field and refresh its duration, allowing for another S2 followup.

Opposite-Colored Bishops

  • Open Seal: The deployed Greatsword from S2 will lower enemies’ Light RES by 16% for 6 seconds.
  • Wedge Formation: While the deployed Greatsword from S2 is still on the field, increase the team’s DEF by 16%.
  • Connected: Triggering Dodge effect will gather enemies toward the deployed Greatsword and deal 320% Light DMG to enemies near the Greatsword.

Aether Gazer was developed by Yostar Games and is available to play for free on the Google Play Store.