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Yeet A Friend Value List [April 2024] – Money World Update

Are you looking for the latest Yeet A Friend values? Look no further. We’ve got a complete Yeet A Friend Value List to browse for the latest in-game prices.

Yeet A Friend Value List

This guide will contain value lists for Pets and Gamepasses in Yeet a Friend. Remember that the values fluctuate a lot, so consider the prices a rough estimate.

Looking for more Roblox values? We also have a Pet Simulator X value list page.

Yeet A Friend Value List

Jule 2, 2023: Updated the Yeet A Friend value list.

This is an up-to-date Yeet A Friend value list. You can sort the list alphabetically by clicking the arrows at the top of the “Name” tab. The values and demand can also be sorted by lowest or highest. The items can be filtered by rarity and player demand.

Credit to Cosmic Values for creating the current YAF value list.

M.O.N.E.Y1,2009/10Ancient Pet
Captain Bubbles9509/10Secret
Mega Rocket8007/10Gamepass
Chicken God7006/10Ancient Pet
Demon Slime6504/10Ancient Pet
Mega Magnet6006/10Gamepass
Mega Lucky5509/10Gamepass
Double Fuel5007/10Gamepass
+5 Pet Equip45010/10Gamepass
Easy Craft4509/10Gamepass
Double Energy4007/10Gamepass
Rulebook4004/10Ancient Pet
Triple Hatch3007/10Gamepass
Joda3004/10Ancient Pet
Lucky XII2408/10Unique
Summer Monkey2008/10Artifact
Easter Bunny2003/10Ancient Pet
Money Bag1505/10Unique
Auto Rebirth1502/10Gamepass
Double Pet XP1504/10Gamepass
+150 Pet Storage1003/10Gamepass
Dominus1002/10Ancient Pet
Lil Bunny409/10Unique

What is the most valuable pet in Yeet A Friend?

The most valuable pet in Yeet A Friend is currently the secret Plank pet.

What is Yeet A Friend?

“Yeet a Friend” is a new Roblox game where you throw your friends as far as you can and build energy to yeet even further.

Play Yeet A Friend for free on!