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BIG Paintball 2! releases in Early Access on Roblox

The beta for BIG Paintball 2! has been released on Roblox. It’s the long-awaited sequel to the original BIG Paintball! by BIG Games.

BIG Paintball 2!

However, in order to access the new game, players must spend 199 Robux to gain ‘Early Access’ as a tester. This is standard practice for platforms such as Steam, but BIG Paintball 2! might be one of the first games to begin this trend on Roblox.

To quote the developers:

🥇 EARLY ACCESS: This is an evolving project. We are constantly improving performance, introducing new features, and making adjustments. Your inventory & credits DO SAVE and will become tradeable. As an Early Access participant, you’ll also have exclusive access to special crate(s), weapons, and perks.