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How To Get Knuckles In Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator

Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator is officially licensed by Sega. Follow this guide on how to get knuckles in Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator.

How To Get Knuckles In Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator

Roblox is your one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs. Roblox has become absolutely gigantic in recent years, with over 185 million average monthly players. You can play and explore thousands of games developed by the community and developers alike. On Roblox, the fun not only comes from playing games, but it also comes from making games.

Sonic Speed Simulator is developed by Gamefam Studios and was officially released on 16 April 2022 on Roblox servers. You can choose from multiple characters to explore the world. Sonic Speed Simulator adds new characters every update from the official Sonic roster. Although it is a fan-made game, Sonic Speed Simulator gets official support from Sega.

Knuckles was introduced with the update of Sonic Speed Simulator on the 23rd of April.  To unlock Knuckles, you’ll need to find the Sonic Speed Simulator Knuckles unlock card in Emerald Hill – the game’s third zone.

Why Unlock Knuckles in Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator?

Knuckles Echidna is one of only four skins, of which two are Sonic-exclusive skins. Making the Knuckles the rarest skin in the game, as you can unlock the Epic Sonic Riders’ skin with the latest Sonic Speed Simulator codes.

How To Unlock Knuckles In Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator?

You will have to go through multiple locations to unlock the Knuckles. Here’s how you can unlock Knuckles.

Unlocking Knuckles In Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator

How To Get Knuckles In Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator

The first step is to travel to Emerald Hill. You can gain access to this area after completing the second zone – Lost Valley obby in Green Hill Zone. Travel through that zone Emerald Hill obby and climb on top of the Emerald Hill Zone. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to reach Emerald Hill without completing the Lost Valley obby.

After successfully reaching the Emerald Hill zone, you need to cross a small log bridge. In the end, there will be a small platform with a twisted tree. Jump onto the platform and move to the left-most edge to find a spring on a wooden tower just ahead. 

Use your homing jump to reach it and have it take you up onto the floating islands. Head towards the adjacent hill, and you will be able to see the Knuckles card on the hill to the right.

How To Get Knuckles In Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator

Finally, you will have to use the speed boosting platform to propel yourself to the location where the card is to unlock Knuckles in Sonic Speed Simulator. We recommend that you be at least level 100 as it will give you enough speed to run and jump to the card location. After unlocking Knuckles, you can select him as your playable character through the Character menu.

How Many Characters Can be Unlocked in Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator?

Variety seems to be an integral part of the game’s design, with multiple characters having different skins, such as Rider Sonic, Sailor Tails, and more. With that said, the list is ever-expanding with almost every base character having a few skin variations. 

All Characters in Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator

As mentioned above, there are multiple variations of a single character. We are only going to mention unique characters and how you can unlock them.

How To Get Knuckles In Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator

Classic Sonic can be unlocked by collecting the Sonic card in Green Hill on top of a floating rail near the spawn point.

How To Get Knuckles In Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator

You can unlock Tails by collecting Tail’s Card in Lost Valley. The card can be collected by entering the Lost Valley obby and going through to the Lost Valley zone. Head towards the first loop and jump onto the wooden ramp across. You will find Tail’s Card here.

How To Get Knuckles In Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator

You can unlock Amy Rose by participating in the Save Amy Event. You will have to collect  5K Pink Crystals during the event to unlock Amy. Alternatively, Amy Rose can also be purchased for 99 Robux in Green Hill.

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