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Blue Archive Banners – Global (October 2022)

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This is a list of all known Blue Archive Banners. Full credit to Xeno for compiling the list!

If you’re interested in more Blue Archive content, we have a Blue Archive Tier List guide that rates every unit in the game. You might also be interested in our Blue Archive Coupon Codes page for free pyroxenes to spend!

Blue Archive Banners

Blue Archive Banners

The exact release schedule for global is not known. The banners should remain the same though.

Blue Archive Banner
  • Skip this banner. Both units are farmable in Hardmode stages.

  • Good in Raid, PVE, PVP, Event Speedrun (Achievement Clear Time).
  • She will be farmable to obtain via PVP exchange shop in the future.

  • Izuna is a decent unit, but needs investment to shine.
  • You might want to roll for her if you don't have Haruna.

  • Haruna is the Best Core DPS Blue/Mystic unit, however she can be farmed in hardmode stages later on.

  • Aru is good in Raid, PVE, PVP, Event Challenge Speedrun (Achivement Clear Time).

  • Arisu is a decent unit.
  • She's good for the Perorozilla Raid in the future.

  • Having twins in your squad is great in PVE, Raid, Event Challenge Speedrun.

  • Good in Raid, PVE, PVP, Event Challenge Speedrun (Achivement Clear Time)

  • Her problem is having lack of Winter Red School students in her squad aside Nodoka (event welfare unit) for her sub skill.

  • Who is she again?
  • Between Niche and Decent.

  • Azusa is a must pull because she is OP broken in Red Raids with her def debuff kit as main dps.

  • Koharu is the best healer in the game.
  • Very useful for Extreme Raids.

  • Skip this banner. Unit is farmable in Hardmode stages.

Azusa (Summer)
  • Limited Banner
  • Same as the original Azusa.

Mashiro (Summer)
  • Limited Banner
  • Tsubaki killer in PVP.
  • Good in Mystic Raid.

Hifumi (Summer)
  • Limited Banner
  • 10 Cost EX makes her hard to use, but the damage is insane.
  • She's very good for Extreme.

Hina (Summer)
  • Limited Banner
  • Great in Kaiten Raid.

Iori (Summer)
  • Limited Banner
  • Great in Kaiten Raid.

Shun (Kid)
  • Shun (Kid) is good to have if you are running multiple teams for Extreme.

Shiroko (Riding)
  • Decent unit. Her Ex can be a life saver sometimes.
  • Probably not worth investing into her though. Better used as an Autoattack Bot.

Saya (Casual)
  • Good unit. A bit like the yellow version of Hibiki, but with DoTs.

  • Best DPS Support unit.

Neru (Bunny Girl)
  • Limited Banner
  • Decent tank.

Karin (Bunny Girl)
  • Limited Banner
  • Decent unit.
  • Usable in Perorozilla Raid in the future.

Asuna (Bunny Girl)
  • Might roll if you don't have enough Mystic units.

  • A tank that can buff ATK.

Hatsune Miku
  • Limited Banner
  • Maybe must pull because her banner likely never rerun in the future.

I highly recommend following the official social channels for Blue Archive to keep up to date with the latest game updates and announcements.

Waifu Collector

Monday 29th of November 2021

does this game have a special banner like prinfes banner in princonne?

I just want spent my worth of F2P pyroxene to kind of this banner. Also will new non-limited characters enter the regular banner after their banner runs out? Thank you.


Wednesday 8th of December 2021

yeah, non-limited characters go to the normal pool after their banner runs out. i don't understand the first question tho, what's prinfes?

Sekontol Anjir

Friday 12th of November 2021

i love how u note at Hibiki Banner *3 Hibiki - Must pull if you don't have Hibiki.


Friday 12th of November 2021

Can you tell me like "Azusa and Hanako" Banner which should it get picked? you just say, must pull here, i mean which one or both can you more be specific? and its same like Shun banner you mean good or bad? i dont get it and there some other banner you not really explain which is good and which to take


Friday 12th of November 2021

It's Azusa. Sorry for the confusion.

I'll adjust some of the notes to make it more clear!

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