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Canon Summary

I will forget all my hardships, the moment I see their happy faces.

  • takt op Symphony Tier List Rank: B
  • Rarity: 2-Star
  • Class: Restorer


A calm and gentle woman. She has a habit of repeating the words. A miraculous presence who maintains friendly relations with all Musicarts hardly panics, and the smile on her face never fades.

  • Height: 165cm
  • Interests: Helping others
  • CV: Seki Aria

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Canon Skills

Trait: Peak Performance
Active: Deal damage equal to 180% of Magical Attack to a single enemy. The more HP lost by the target, the more damage this attack deals. Grant all allies a Shield equal to 50% of Magical Attack for 2 turns.
Passive: Grant the Shield [Reed] effect. Allies with shield gain 1 stack of [Reed] after every turn. [Reed] For each attacking, regain 4% of max HP at the end of the turn.
Skill 1: Dancing Hand
Deal 80% Magical Damage to a single enemy. If HP is higher than 60%/80%, this damage is increased by 25%/50% respectively. Grant a Shield to a random ally equal to 55% of Magical Attack.
Skill 2: Sing Together
Deals 55% Magical Damage to all enemies. For every stack of [Reed] active on the field, increase the final damage by 5% up to a max of 40%.

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takt op. Symphony is available to play for free on the App Store, and Google Play.