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takt op Symphony Beginner’s Guide & FAQ

Have you just started playing the game and need a takt op Symphony beginner’s guide? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a guide for many aspects of the game.

Thanks to Yukkiko on the official Discord for some of this info!

takt op Symphony Beginner's Guide

Looking for more information about the characters in takt op. Symphony, and which ones to prioritize first? Check out our updated takt op Symphony tier list page.

What to do at the start of the game?

You should first spam through the story to unlock all the Stuff like the Shop, Battle Simulation, and Commissioned Battle.

What’s the Shop?

It should be pretty self-explanatory, but there you can use all the currency you get from the different Modis in the game and, of course, can use your credit card to buy some pulls.

What’s Commissioned Battle?

Commissioned Battle is a Modi where you can farm exp to level up your Musicarts and Upgrade Mats to upgrade the Memory of your Musicarts (Memory is something like Gear or Artifacts from other games. It will give your Musicarts extra stats + a passive, for example, 20% more heal on your heal skills), and Exp to level up your Memory’s.

And you can farm Soundcores and upgrade Mats for Soundcores. Soundcores are something runelike that will give you some stats. You can then pick an Image that needs specific Colour of Soundcores to activate a Seteffect.

What’s Battle Simulation?

Battle Simulation is a Modi where you have small dungeons where you have to fight enemies and solve some puzzles. The rewards are pretty good (you get upgrade mats and awakening Shards for some units) and, most importantly, Expedition Evidence.

What to do if you can’t progress the story?

Sometimes you cant progress with the story because you need more Expedition Evidence. If that’s the case, you hop on into the Battle Simulation and clear the next stage because they give you the Expedition Evidence. After that, go back to the story until you get to the next wall, where you will return to the Battle Simulation to farm more Expedition Evidence.

Best Team Compositions?

You should always aim to have a Tank, Healer, and two Damage Dealers in your team. There are some exceptions where you need more damage to kill a Boss faster, and then you can play 1 Tank and 3 Damage Dealers. You can even use a full team of Damage Dealers as well.

How to get Echomonds?

There are seven ways to get Echomonds:

  • Daily Activity
  • Training Plan
  • Achievement
  • Guidance of Destiny” Event
  • Daily Sign In
  • Story
  • Battle Simulation

How to get Musicarts?

You can obtain Musicarts in [Score Room] with Friendship Score. Some Musicarts can’t be obtained in [Score Room]. Check the relevant event notice.

How to get Memories?

You can obtain Musicarts in the [Dream Score Reading] of the [Score Room] with Friendship Score. You can exchange Memory Currency for some Memories in [Shop]-Regular Shop.

How to get Musicart Notes?

There are two ways to obtain Musicart Notes:

  • Repeated obtaining of Musicart in score reading grants Notes and corresponding Musicart Notes.
  • Exchange Notes for your Musicarts’ Notes in [Shop]_Regular Shop_Musicart’s Notes.

How to acquire Friendship Scores?

There are two ways to obtain Friendship Scores:

  • Exchange Ecjomonds for Friendship Scores in [Shop]-Regular Shop-Friendship Score Shop.
  • The Story.

How to get Note Coins?

You can obtain Note Coins from Legato Assault in Comission Battle.

How to get Sound Conductors?

You can obtain Sound Conductors from Legato Assault in Comission Battle.

How to get Specks?

You can obtain Specks from Trial Realm in Comission Battle to rank up Scales.

How to get Memory Foam?

You can obtain Memory Foam from Cadenza Battle in Comission Battle to level up Memories.

How to get Memory upgrade materials?

You can obtain Resonato Separators from Cadenza Battle in Comission Battle to upgrade Memories.

How to get Tea Break Items?

You can use Tea Break Materials to make a drink in Cafeteria-Make a Drink.

How to get Tea Break Materials?

You can use Consonance to purchase Tea Break Materials from [Shop]-Regular Shop-Tea Break Shop.

How to obtain Memory Currencies?

You can Dismantle Memories to obtain Currencies. Dismantle R Memories for Note Coins, SR Memories for Normal Memory Currencies, and SSR Memories for Rare Memory Currencies.

How to get Consonance?

You can obtain Consonance from Tea Break, Mutarot and Invitation Missions.

How to get Biscuits?

You can use Biscuits to recover Stamina. Every Biscuit will recover 60 Stamina. You can obtain Biscuits from daily tasks and some gift packs.

How to redeem gift codes?

You can redeem takt op Symphony codes by clicking the icon at the top right of the main interface to open the main menu and click the gift pack icon at the bottom right. Enter your gift code in the pop-up interface to redeem.

How many chapters are there in takt op. Symphony?

For now, there are five chapters in takt op. Symphony.

How to complete Exploration Progress to unlock stories?

You need to unlock some stories by completing Exploration Progress. Please complete Exploration Progress in Simulation Battle.

How to check the skills of Musicarts and enemies in battle?

You can press and hold Musicarts and enemies in battle to check.

How to increase Affiliation with Musicarts?

You can increase Affiliation with Musicarts through Gifts and make different choices in the main story.

What is Memory Awaken?

Some Memories can’t be obtained from score reading and exchanged by Memory Currencies. You can obtain them by comsuming specific Memories in [Memory]-Memory Awaken.

What is Memory Buff?

You can consume Memory Foam to level up Memories, and corresponding Resonato Separators to upgrade.

What is Training Plan?

Rewards are earned from the Training Plan by upgrading it with Training Experience through completing daily and weekly missions. Basic Plan is unlocked by default; Advanced Plan can be unlocked and upgraded through purchase for more valuable rewards.

How to level up the Conductor?

You can level up with Experience through daily missions, consuming Stamina and first-completion of stories.

How to level up Musicarts?

Please click the upper right corner of the main interface -menu bar – [Musicart] to find “+” in the lower left corner. You can click it to upgrade Musicarts.

How to upgrade Musicarts’ stars?

You can consume corresponding Musicart Notes in [Musicart]-Tuning-Note to upgrade the Musicart’ star.

How to obtain Musicarts’ skills?

You can advance Scale level in [Musicart]-Tuning-Score to obtain Musicarts’ skills.

What is a Musicart Leader?

Every faction has a Musicart Leader. The Musicart Leader and Musicarts from the same Faction fight together in a battle will activate the field. Only one field can be activated in a battle.

How do I obtain Expedition rewards?

You will receive Expedition Coins in Expedition. You can use Expedition Coins in the Expedition Shop.

takt op. Symphony is available to play for free on the App Store, and Google Play.


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What is an invitation event? I have to do it for the begginer missions but I have no idea what it is.