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Moonlight – takt op. Symphony – Musicart Guide Wiki


Moonlight Summary

Entrust the lake, catch insights.

  • takt op Symphony Tier List Rank: S
  • Rarity: 2-Star
  • Class: Gunner


She appears to be a calm, mature woman with intellectual attractiveness, yet she frequently wanders away when speaking with people. She probably isn’t even aware that she is thinking profoundly or letting herself go.

  • Height: 172cm
  • Interests: Coffee, Floating on the lake
  • CV: Kurosawa Tomoyo

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Moonlight Skills

Trait: Peak Performance
Active: Deal damage equal to 310% of Physical Attack to a single enemy. Also permanently increase Speed by 5 for the entire battle, up to a max of 15.
Passive: When attacking a target, increase the damage dealt when the target is more than a certain distance away. Distance 5: Damage +10%, Distance 6: Damage +15%, Distance 7: Damage +25%.
Skill 1: Mystic Musings
Deal damage equal to 125% of Physical Attack to a single enemy. If the target has not taken an action yet, increase the damage by 30%.
Skill 2: Moon Shadows
Deal damage to a single enemy equal to 50% of Physical Attack, then move back 3 spaces and apply [Lunar Eclipse] upon that target 4 times for 2 turns. [Lunar Eclipse] When attacking target with this effect active, Moonlight will perform a guaranteed extra attack, dealing damage equal to 50% of her Physical Attack.

takt op. Symphony is available to play for free on the App Store, and Google Play.

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