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Jupiter – takt op. Symphony Musicart Guide Wiki


Jupiter Wiki Guide [takt op. Symphony]

Jupiter Profile

“Leave it to me! I will beat off all of them!”

  • Height: 162cm
  • Interests: Exercise
  • CV: Yorita Natsu

A lively girl with a straightforward personality. Friendly and easy to mingle with anyone. Despite her strong words, she treats everyone equally and does not change her behavior no matter who she with be.

Jupiter Summary

  • takt op Symphony Tier List Rank: A
  • Rarity: 2-Star
  • Class: Warden

Jupiter is a versatile tank or “Warden” character with a mix of offensive and defensive skills. She can protect her team and adapt to various situations, making her a valuable addition to your team.

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Jupiter Skills

Trait: Peak Performance
(Active) Activate Protection and protect 2 allies, taking 3 instances of Physical Damage for them and gain [Steel Nerve] for 2 turns. The [Steel Nerve] buff increases Physical Defense by 30%; while Protection persists, increase the Physical & Magical Attack of the protected character by 10%
(Passive) Gain 1 stack of [Jupiter Energy] after every successful Protection. Each stack of [Jupiter Energy] increases defense by 1.8% up to a max of 10 stacks (18%)

Skill 1: Warmup
Adopt a defensive posture and activate Protection, taking Physical Damage 2 times for 2 teammates behind Jupiter for 2 turns.

Skill 2: Jupiter Gravity
Fire Several shields, dealing damage to a single enemy equal to 100% of Physical Attack. For every 1 stack of [Jupiter Energy], increase this damage by 5%.

Skill 3: Meteor Crash
Launch a Sudden Assault with the spear, dealing damage to a single enemy equal to 110% Physical Attack and gain a Shield equal to this damage.

Jupiter Character Trailer

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takt op. Symphony is available to play for free on the App Store, and Google Play.