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Clicker Simulator Summer Event & How to Get Watermelons

The Clicker Simulator Summer Event is here! This is a huge update with many new pets to collect and a season pass to level up!

Clicker Simulator Summer Event

Clicker Simulator Summer Event

Here’s the complete changelog for the new event.

  • 22 new summer pets to collect.
    • 2 new crafted pets
    • 3 new eggs
    • 2 new secrets, 1 easy and 1 hard
    • 2 new robux pets
  • New time-limited Watermelon currency to hatch limited summer pets with.
  • New limited summer island world.
  • New limited Summer Pass with free daily rewards.

How to Get Melons in Clicker Simulator

Melons are the new currency that’s used to hatch eggs in the Clicker Simulator Summer Event update.

Melons are located in the Summer Event world, scattered across the island. They’re hard to miss! Be warned, though, as you may have some competition for them from other players.

How to Get Melons Fast in Clicker Simulator?

When you first start out, each one only gives one watermelon. However, the key is to equip the new summer event pets that have a watermelon multiplier on them.

Clicker Simulator Summer Event

Once you’ve equipped them, watermelons will then start dropping more for each one, depending on what your multiplier is from pets.

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