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Clicker Simulator Number Suffixes

The power of pets in Clicker Simulator has scaled to a crazy amount nowadays. Gone are the days of pets being thousands or millions of power. Now they’re septillions!

Clicker Simulator Number Suffixes

As there are so many different numbers now, it can get a little bit confusing as to which pets are the most powerful. This can be especially true when you’re trading pets and don’t want to get scammed by trading an Sx pet for an Sp pet, etc!

Therefore, here is a complete list of Clicker Simulator number suffixes.

Clicker Simulator Number Suffixes

These letters will be at the end of a pet’s power number and represent their true power. The most powerful pets in Clicker Simulator are currently Sp.

  • K [Thousand]
  • M [Million]
  • B [Billion]
  • T [Trillion]
  • Qa [Quadrillion]
  • Qi [Quintillion]
  • Sx [Sextillion]
  • Sp [Septillion] – CURRENT PET POWER
  • Oc [Octillion]
  • No [Nonillion]
  • Dc [Decillion]
  • Ud [Undecillion]
  • Dd [Duodecillion]
  • Td [Tredecillion]
  • Qad [Quatturodecillion]
  • Qu [Quindecillion]
  • Sd [Sexdecillion]
  • St [Septendecillion]
  • O [Octodecillion]
  • N [Novemdecillion]
  • V [Vigintillion]
  • Uvg [Unvigintillion]
  • Dvg [Duovigintillion]
  • Tvg [Tresvigintillion]
  • Qvg [Quattuorvigintillion]
  • Qiv [Quinvigintillion]
  • Sxv [Sexavigintillion]
  • Spv [Septavigintillion]
  • Ocv [Octovigintillion]
  • Nov [Novigintillion]

As you can see from the list, there is a long way to go until the game runs out of number suffixes!

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You can play Clicker Simulator on Roblox for free!